Monday, April 28, 2008

Clipless Pedals or Not

For me NOT. I prefer the ease of using regular shoes or sandals that I find comfortable. My favorite cycling shoes are Sketcher sneakers and now their sandals. They have a very hard long wearing sole that sticks like Gorilla Glue to the pedals and the shoes are light. I had a pair of Lake sandals and with the cleats were surprisingly heavy. I suffer from numb foot especially on high BB bikes and like to be able to move my foot around. Being locked in makes the situation worse. It seems that most cycling shoes are made for very narrow feet. I guess to fit the pedal better. My favorite clipless pedals were Look with it's wide platform, but not suitable for walking. I do many utility miles like to the store and such. With gas prices what they are and being more Eco conscious I find myself using my car less and less when possible.
Now for the pedals. My 1st bent was a Bikee in 1999 and I was not comfortable using my Look pedals for that type of ride. My LBS showed me Odyssey pedals with their big wide platform and not ultra sharp but gripping teeth and they matched the bike. For $25 I was sold. I have not looked back and have those same pedals on my Stratus now 8 yrs old. I bought 2 more pair. One for my SWB Rocket and one for my trike. I have never had leg suck or had my feet accidentally slip off. The 4X3.5 in platform works for flip flops and hiking boots and durability is outstanding.
As I get older, I find myself doing shorter distances(no more than 66 mi), but riding more days in the yr. The ability to jump on my bike without specific cycling wear prompts me to use my bike more for local errands and visits.
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