Saturday, January 16, 2021

New Acquisition

Riding the Withlachoochee Trail in Florida you see a lot of recumbents. Most are trikes but there are many Easy Racers. I believe it was Gardner Martin who propelled recumbent bikes and the Gold Rush Replica/ Tour Easy was the gold standard. The closet I got was my Rans Stratus, similar in many ways but not an Easy Racer. 22 years and more than 13 bents I found myself a Tour Easy at a great price.

The bike came with an Easy Reacher Rack, Carbon front fender, rear fender, rear rack and Easy Racers brand specific bags.

I have not ridden a long wheelbase bike in over a decade but my Stratus was one of my favorites. The Tour Easy handles much better but it is different and I'm still trying to dial it in. The muscles used for a Recumbent bike, trike or diamond frame are a bit different. My legs let me know today after a 20 mile maiden voyage. 

This is kind of a project bike which is a blast to work on.

Will see how things pan out.


Tom Kepler said...

Glad to see you're still pedaling! The Easy Racer is a classic. I have been doing day rides for the last couple of years with my traditional diamond frame bike, a Tout Terrain Amber Road 19' tire bike. I've been taking my little trailer out and then doing day rides and hikes from the campground. Wishing you a great 2021.

jakay said...

Great to see you're still pedaling, haven't logged on to your blog for a long time, but keep on biking and best regards from Bonnie Scotland, Jack

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