Friday, June 20, 2008

$0.00 9/10

I just got back from a 40 miler. Winds light and not too hot. I ran into this charming couple from 8 months back who was looking into trikes. She had just learned how to ride a 2 wheeler, but was not comfortable. She purchased her GS GT3 and is having a ball. It's great to see people getting back to cycling.

Riding a recumbent, in this neck of the woods, makes you an odd ball. On club rides even the hybrid bikers get more respect than me. Riding my trike on club rides is like riding by myself. Fortunately or unfortunately I love riding my trike to the point my other 2 wheeled bents are just gathering dust. Unless I am riding with my son on his new trike, I ride by myself. To tell you the truth I love the serenity and time to myself to reflect on life and it's gift.

Getting to the topic, I use my trike for most errands. For example, 2 days prior to Fathers day, I took my trike to Walmart to pick up some inexpensive wicking tank tops for my son. Then I went to Home Depot and purchased a table vise for my son's 1st Fathers Day. It weighed 10-15lbs. I strapped it to my rack. I then went to the liquor store and bought 2-1.5lts of wine and 2 sixpacks for Sunday's celebration. On my way back home I realized I forgot the new water filter for the refrigerator ice machine so I stopped again at a different Home Depot. Other than the vise all things were stored in my PODS, which are basically 2 duffel bags strapped together. The trike weighed a ton but didn't seem to mind the load. I did about 25 mi, ran my errands, and enjoyed a beautiful day without spending any gas. How cool is that?

My favorite and 1st site to visit is Alan Barnard's ECOVELO. He has always been an inspiration to me. His Recumbent Blog is fantastic and now his new site is filled with ways to utilize bicycles and cut down our dependence on fossil fuels. I have no idea how he acquires so much info, but I am glad he does.
I have been bike riding for 20 years now and before I joined a club I have come to learn that most of my miles were termed utility miles. I had a Mongoose hybrid that I equipped with inexpensive day panniers and fenders. I even added a Zzipper fairing. (Quite a site in those days) Working off shift I had many opportunities to ride. I would go to the mall, run errands and if I bought something I had room to carry it. Today it has become a way of life for me. All my bikes are equipped with rear rack, fenders and panniers. People often ask me what do you carry in those bags. My answer, you would be surprised.

I have become quite well known in this area. Not by name, but by that guy on that crazy bike.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saved Another Turtle

Today I got off to a late start. It was already 80+ degrees at 10am. I decided not to kill myself and just do 25 miles with just a few major climbs. I did see other cyclists but not as many as normal for a Saturday.
It must be turtle season because, again I found a big Boxer in the middle of the road. This guy was not as friendly as the other and quickly closed up tight. While I was trying to get it, a car came up and almost ran it over. I picked up the turtle and placed it on the grass in the direction it looked like it was going.
This was a Hotter than Hell Day, but still better than not riding at all.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Great Day

It was another beautiful day in NJ. My son on his new WW and me on my T. Great father, son bonding. We did 38.5 miles of beautiful country roads. Found and saved a turtle crossing the road. We got home just as the day was heating up. It was then Miller time by the pool.
The day was a gift.
Keep Riding!!!