Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Stats

Although my mileage for 2007 is 140 short, my overall stats remain consistent.

2008 2007
Total Miles 2861 3328
Total Rides 108 109
Average Speed 11 11
Average Miles per Ride 26.5 30.5
Bikejournal Ranking 1968/8082 1516/7524
Bikejournal ranking percentage 24% 20%
Bentrider Ranking 76/213 76/284
Bentrider percentage 35% 25%

After comparing my stats with 2007 and I am quite happy.
Looking forward to a new and great year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Years End

I was hoping to get more miles in for 2008. As it turned out I missed my annual goal of 3000 miles. This is the 1st in over 10 yrs I missed by 140 mi. I started off like a gang buster and would easily have passed my goal, but as life would have it, things change.
All is not lost. I am contemplating new ways to further enjoy my cycling for the new year.
Gone is the annual week long cycling events, like BikeVa, BikeFL and GOBA. Although I would like to try to get time for BikeVa. I know longer ride with my local club. My old cycling buddies have gone their ways. I have become focused on my trike which does not easily fit in with these circles of cyclists. This might sound depressing, but I am actually happy. Life is evolving and so is my cycling. I continue to use my bike for utility miles. My Streamer fairing has made winter riding much more enjoyable and has increased the wow factor 10 times. I am looking at new bikes and new ways to incorporate them into my life. I still love to ride and am looking forward to what new adventures 2009 holds.