Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Stats-Outstanding

                                              2010         2009        2008       2007
Total miles                            5354         3185        2861       3328
Total rides                             183           126           108         109
Average speed                       10.3          10.5          11           11
Average miles per ride            29.3          25.3         26.5        30.5
Bikejournal rating                    655           1643        1968       1516
Bentrider ranking                      17              49             76          76

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old New Rocket

I have had some sellers regret and one of them was my 01 Rocket.  It served me well with it's easy transport, versatility, and light weight.  I took it on all my camping trips and it was the bike my son used on those rare bonding moments, like The 5 Boro Bike NY, BikeVa and our self-contained 4 day tour around southern NJ.  It was my love affair with trikes that prompted me to sell off my other bikes.  I have been eyeing this baby for the last month on Craigslist and finally decided to make an offer.  The seller and his wife turned out to be avid ICE T riders like myself.  As proud as I am of my 5350 miles for the year I was astonished that his wife had over 6,000 mi for the year and he had over 3k while working full time.  It was wonderful meeting these great folks and was worth the 4 hr drive. 
I have some changes I would like to do, like gearing and maybe adding a chain tube to avoid those chain tattoos I recall.  I have some other ideas but as you can see by the weather, I won't be doing any immediate riding.  I need to putter about for a while and see what flows.  I am excited with my new project and look forward to it's evolution.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow

Looks like we didn't get the snow storm after all.  We got the Blizzard instead.  18 plus inches.
Try and

Saturday, December 25, 2010

But Baby It's Cold Outside

Yesterday, Christmas Eve Day, I did 23 utility miles running errands.  It was a bit windy but otherwise a balmy day in the mid 30's.  Within the 1st 3 miles I was obnoxiously honked at 3 times.  There were many cars on the road and people were in a rush.  I was not feeling the love.  It seemed that all drivers were The Grinch.  I realized quickly I had to keep a sharp eye out in order to remain safe.  I completed the day without incidence.  Today, Christmas Day, I decided to relax awhile at home before venturing out for a ride.  Finally, late morning, I hit the road.  It was cold and cloudy with temps in the mid 20's, but with little wind.  7 miles into the ride my hands and body started to warm up, unfortunately, my toes started to get cold.  It was a bit eerie as most stores were closed and there were few cars on the road.  As the ride progressed more cars appeared, but there was a calmness about.  After 26 miles the only honk I heard was someone gratefully asking me for directions and wishing me a happy holiday.
A safe and Happy Holiday to all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tough Time

I finally got out after 6 days for a 25 miler.  The weather has turned bitterly cold and windy for these bones.  Today what I thought was to be a milder day turned out extremely chilly.  The weather said it was going to be in the 30's with light winds and sunny.  What I found was grey skies and winds gusting over 11 mph and temps in the mid 20's.  You just don't know what to expect this time of year.  It's tough for a guy like me who needs to get out and ride.  It's not even officially Winter yet.  I can't imagine how your folks further north and into Canada handle it.  Lets hope for a short mild winter.
Keep riding!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change Up

I decided it was time for a face lift.  Not only in my blog design, but in my cycling outlook.  It is true that I have become a recumbent enthusiast over the last 10+ years.  More importantly, I have realized that cycling in general is what gets my juices flowing.  I own a Dahon folder, Fuji tourer and my ICE trike at present and enjoy each one.  I have sellers remorse over previously owned bikes.  I hope to acquire different designed bikes when possible.  I enjoy riding by myself, riding with friends in my club, and just leaving my car and using my bike to get wherever I need to go.  When I rediscovered cycling over 20 years ago my favorite thing was to explore roads I never traveled and see what adventure laid ahead.  My love is in the ride not what I ride.  I recently joined The League of American Bicyclists and hope to take a class on becoming a certified instructor on safe cycling.  My goal is to open peoples minds to the joy of cycling.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday stayed home recovering from in-laws, children and grandchildren holiday weekend.  Priceless!Today, I had to get out, in spite of the cold.  Temps freezing around 32 with wind gusts over 22 mph, making it feel like low 20's.  Grey skies with some flurries.  Not the kind of day to get you excited for a ride.  The sun did show it's face for a few minutes, but not long enough to do my intended 32 mile ride.  28 miles is what it turned out to be.  I was happy to get home to a hot shower.  It's a tough time for us die-hard cyclists. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Here We Go Again

Today I was stopped by 2 motorists who said I should use a orange flag and wear orange clothing.
I already look like Sherlock Holmes with my new hat.  I guess I have to add an orange nose and wig so I can look like Bozo the clown.  Then maybe I will get better noticed.