Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jamming July

Best month this year with over 760 miles in 26 days. Almost 500 of those miles were on the Swift. Because of the heat and a very hectic month I had to scale back my daily miles. The Swift continues to shine for those shorter 20-30 miles but more than that I much prefer my trike. You would think that getting in 2 hours of me time would be easy but lately it has proved quite challenging. One day I went out at dawn to beat the heat and I was met with a barrage of early morning commuters. I would rather suffer in heat than an extra amount of inconsiderate drivers. My last ride the air was Florida hot which turned into a constant light rain and finally back into tropical humidity. The rain was a relief on that 28 mile ride. I saw no other crazy cyclists that day. I must say I was pumped last month to get as many days in as possible. I was hoping to ride every day but that proved impossible. Be that as it may it was an exciting and obsessive month. I'm already missing a few days this month and have calmed my craze.  I expect the next couple of months to be busy and may challenge my cycling time, but I know I will make every effort to ride.