Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to the Dark Side

I have finished my new DF bike. It does add to the thrill of riding something unique. It gives me the same excitement as riding a recumbent. I have sold my LWB Stratus and my SWB Rocket which has left me with my ICE T Trike. It is like Ying and Yang. My Trike is so low and sweet. My new Fuji DF is tall, stable, comfortable and fun. I never would have thought I would return to the dark side of DF. When I ride my trike I feel low, stable, confident and comfortable. When I ride my new Fuji tourer, I feel Like a tall billboard, but still have the comfort, stability and confidence and most of all thrill of riding. Who would think.

Here are the Stats on my Fuji.

1. 08 Leftover Fuji Touring Bike off Ebay
2. Nitto North Handlebar
3. Odyssey pedals (my all time favorites)
4. SKS Silver Fenders (very good quality and looks)
5. Cannonade Panniers. Built in frame stiffeners. Always look good and hold a lot.
6. Planet Bikes Binky Super flash. Amazing rear light
7. Planet Bikes 1W Blaze front led light. Very bright, wish it did not come in white.
8. Seguino XD 600 165 26/36/46 crank. It's on all my bikes
9. Shimano Barend shifters. Rock solid.
10. B67 Brooks saddle. Slippery but very comfortable.
11. Miracle mirror with home made barend mount. Much better than 3rd eye glass mount.
12. Sponge grips. Works for me
13. Nashbar quill 40 deg stem. Extra height very comfortable.
14. Nashbar cheep kick stand. Works fine
15. Tire pump. Have to have it.
16. Tecktro Brakes. Very ergonomic