Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hilton Head, SC

I just got back from vacationing on Hilton Head. It is known for its great weather and cycling friendly paths. The Island is 12 X 5 miles and everything can be accessed by bicycle. We stayed in a RV Park 1/2 mile into the Island. It was an extremely beautiful and friendly place. I spoke with the manager of the park and asked where the cycling paths were. He gave me a compact map of the cycling trails and off I went. I started my ride on a major rode with little to no shoulder for 6 miles, only to be honked and yelled at on my trike. I said what kind of friendly bike place is this? I would do better on 6th Ave in NYC. Not being a happy camper I reached my goal of a local beach. I realized the bike bath ran on 1 side of the road. Not the side I was on. No wonder every one was yelling at me. After that day I got the hang of things and found different trails. There was a great loop that took me 16 miles into marsh lands were trailer homes were 10 ft of the ground. I also went over a bridge that said please Don't Feed the Alligators. Like watch out for Moose Crossing. To my amazement there was an alligator swimming about. My 1st sighting and a very cool experience.

You can get anywhere by bike on Hilton Head from beaches to restaurants and all by using a single speed beach cruiser.

All in all a great vacation, a wonderful place to cycle and a mayor retirement consideration.

Enjoy the video.