Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March Madness

Overall March was a great month with 20 days and 733 miles. April on the other hand has gotten off to a slow start with cold, wind and rain. It was so cold yesterday I didn't even go outside. Temps did not get above freezing until well after noon. Come on, I know it's Spring, my lawn service has started. Today promised warmer temps, less wind and plenty of sunshine. It was just above freezing when I left and I had to wear all my Winter clothes. Fortunately, things warmed up quickly and I was able to remove 1 jacket and exchange Winter gloves for lighter ones. It wasn't warm but the sun felt good with light winds from the south. I managed 41 miles and then ran some errands by bike. My body is a bit sore from not riding for 5 days. Forecast not looking good with rain tomorrow and cold continuing into next week. Being fully retired has taken the burden of jamming miles in when I can but it's time already for Spring.
Winter clothes with wool cap and flaps down

Jacket off flaps up.