Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh Deer

I was on the Henry Hudson Bike Path today. Lucky for me, I came upon deer in my path and was able to catch some video.
48 miles of bliss.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ICE T Face Lift

It's that time of year for me to replace tires, chain and rear cassette. I still have dimple left on my Tioga Comp Pool tires, but I like to have some good thick rubber for the upcoming winter weather. I have packed up my Motorhome and brought it back from the shore. The salt air and sand from the shore is devastating to bikes. My chain has signs of rust. You can't replace the chain without replacing the rear cassette. It is 5K miles since my last overhaul. I decided to purchase all parts from 1 retailer instead of shopping around and saving more money. I am not totally happy with the service of this well known dealer, but, everything arrived as ordered and the tires were not folded.
I put things together starting with the cassette(Sram 970 11-32), the chain(Sram 951) and tires(my favorite Tioga Comp pool). I must need remedial chain wrapping as I had to look at my other bike for routing.
You can see by the pics how rusted the chain got in just 4 days and a 10 mile rainy ride. I believe I could have gotten another 2k miles from the tires. The front tires on a trike wear faster and hence were the ones I replaced. The rear tire had less than 200 mi and was taken off my sons old WW in lieu of a Big Apple. At $20 ea I have no problem replacing these tires sooner than needed.
Replacing these parts makes it feel like a new ride and ready for the winter months. Soon it will be time for the fairing.
I am a NERD.(Never Enough Riding Days)