Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Today was not as nice as yesterday. Temps only 50 and cloudy. I left late hoping it would warm up. Not ready to give up on shorts I wore my knickers, although I did feel the need for my wool cap with flaps and gloves. A few miles into the ride and I warmed up enough to lift flaps. It wasn't long before I ran into my cycling friend Bob. I tried to keep the chit chat to a minimum but you know how that goes. From then on it seemed to get a bit cooler and grayer so it was flaps down again. I finished the ride just in time to great the Trick or Treaters.
Flaps Down



Nice Fall Foliage

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm Back

I spent the last few weeks driving the Deep South. I carried our bikes 2700 miles on the back of my car only to pedal about 4. Unfortunately my wife incurred a severe elbow bruise making riding impossible. There was nice cycling in the panhandle of Florida along 30A in Navarre Beach. Flat, scenic sugar white beaches, blue emerald waters and great weather. I think I will revisit this area for a self contained tour of my own. As nice as flat Florida is to ride I found Alabama an interesting place to pedal. Quiet country roads with just some slight  hills to keep it interesting. They have a week long supported tour called AMBA that looks interesting.
Although I did not get to pedal we had a spectacular time. This area is now checked on my "Bucket List" but it is a place we will soon return again and again.
Today I did 26 miles, my first ride in weeks. The temp 60 degrees and light winds. I must say it was quite nice and if Winter stayed like this I wouldn't mind spending it here in the NE, but we all know how that goes.

Today's Autumn ride

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Much About Nothing

3/4 into the year and I just passed 5k miles. A few hundred miles short of last year at the same time. Still very respectable by most standards and more importantly my own. I suspect only another 1k by years end as we will be doing some extensive traveling this month were long rides will not be happening. When we travel I bring my Fuji beater bike and my wife's Schwinn for easy rides around the campgrounds and local towns. I don't mind not spending hours in the saddle as my wife and I spend some quality time together exploring new places. We enjoy it so much we are planning, in a few years, to explore the entire U.S. by RV. With that in mind I have been cleaning house including my stable of bikes, parts and accessories. I just sold my Rans Stratus which was one of my favorite bikes of all times. I plan to sell all my bikes and get a fold-up trike that I can stow easily. The Greenway will be the most difficult to sell. It's eclectic design cannot easily be replaced nor appreciated by many recumbent aficionados and will be sorely missed. My ICE T, another all time favorite, is 8 years old and I have gotten my monies worth. I suspect I will have little trouble selling with all the accessories for a very reasonable price. In the meantime I continue to ride as much as possible. My passion for riding is more than 30 years and I see no slowing, even with age.

Over 25k miles
Today's Ride

Beater Bike