Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How I Ride

My favorite day to ride is when the sun is bright and  there is no place I have to be. Unfortunately, with life's obligations, they are far and few between. That is one reason why I equip all my bikes with racks, fenders and bags. I like to take care of as many things by bike as I can. After a nice leisurely ride I don't want to have to stop at home and regroup for a trip to the store. I prefer to incorporate my errands into the ride. I do try to get my ride in first and run my errands on the way back. I have been known to carry quite a bit of weight. People sometimes ask me what I carry in my bags. Most often they are empty except for minor tools for road repairs. I find the weight and drag of bags inconsequential. The benefit of having the available room is priceless.
Leisurely ride


More goats

Errand 1

Errand 2

Errand 3

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Like A Lion

Because of work, weather and my back I have been stuck indoors for the last 4 days. I was looking forward  to getting out on this first day of Spring. I awoke to bright sunshine but freezing temps and gusting winds. No matter, I was "jonesin". I put on some extra clothes and off I went. The smell of fresh air and the sun on my face was all that was needed to put a smile on my face. I stopped for a break at Rising Sun Lake. A nice hidden jewel. I got off my bike to take a picture and BAM, my bike was on the ground. Blown over from the wind. Thankfully no damage. Although the wind never let up, the day did warm up into the 40's. I was feeling so good it was easy adding some extra miles. Tomorrow promises snow showers. I guess March is still "in like a lion".

Hidden Jewel

BAM!!! All fall down

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day In the Life

Here is a series of videos depicting an average day of errand runs with my bike.
Please excuse the crude videos as they were taken with my phone.

Motor cross track at Raceway Park

New found ball for my dog Milo
Been going to him for years



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to Winter

We have been having some nice weather lately but today it was back to the cold, windy, chill of winter. There was even some snow flakes flying. To be safe I put on my balaclava and 2 pair of gloves. No point in taking any chances. Winds where out of the northwest at a screaming 25 mph. Seemed like a good day to take the ICE T. It's low height and fairing help it cut through the air. I didn't expect to see any cyclists and I was surprised to catch, or should I say passed by 2 hammerheads heading into the wind. It wasn't long before I saw them heading back in the opposite direction. I did my circular route of 28 miles but decided I could handle a few more and headed to the store. Having the side pods on my ICE T allows me to do last minute shopping. I am happy to get in 33 miles today and look forward to warmer days.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I joined a new bike club as my old club has been struggling for years. Today seemed like a good day to try a group ride with the new club. Temps in the low 40's, light winds and no threat of rain. The ride start was just 6 miles from home. I would never put my bike on my car for a 25 mile ride. I expected to be the only recumbent but I new I was in trouble when all riders were sporting carbon fiber bikes. This was an all pace, cue sheet ride. Everybody starts together and you gravitate to riders in your class. The ride meandered through my neighborhood so if things didn't work out I could jump off at any time. Things started OK but I soon found myself sucking wind trying to keep up with the pack. The only other slower rider was miles behind me. Riding alone with the q-sheet seemed to negate any socialization I expected from a club ride. 6 miles into the ride and I no longer was having fun. The group turned right and I went straight. Hasta la vista baby. A few miles down the road I meet up with Bob, another loan rider. We chatted a while and I rehashed my club experience. Like me he finds club rides restricting. It was nice to know another shared my feelings.  Maybe when things warm up there will be a greater variety of riders, until then O SOLE MIO.

Gift from Jesse

My grandson bought this for me. NICE!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Bike Ride

I have been really enjoying the Stratus, especially with the new fairing. I felt like changing things up a bit and decided on the little trike for today's ride. I left the house with bright sunshine and temps around 40. Nice! Pedaled out to Freehold, Howell and then back to Freehold were I picked up the Henry Hudson Trail. Apparently some new trail was added which left me a bit confused as to which direction to take. I had to back track at one point and finally found myself at a different terminus. It wasn't long before I regained my sense of direction. Another mile on a major road and I was back on the trail towards Matawan. A quick stop at work and then back home. A nice 46 mile ride on a fun bike.