Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Like a good part of the rest of the country this is what I woke up to. I'm almost tempted to ride because the winds are mild but single digits, come on, just not gonna happen. In between these bouts of Arctic are snow falls. To say it's been a brutal Winter is putting it mild. Last year, not much different. About this time I began plans for my Florida trip. I would love to escape again this year but fear leaving my wife to deal with late Winter snows and shoveling. So I have been hibernating, gaining "Winter Fur" with occasional bundled up walks with my buddy Milo. I have only 3 rides this month, the last being only 14 miles, 2 weeks ago. I have been getting my fix from my online bike newsgroups and Facebook communities. My despair is only consoled by other shut-ins throughout most of the country. Pictures of cyclists pedaling along white sandy beaches or desert sands with mountain vistas make me think, Why am I still here?  Every year Winter gets harder and harder to fight the depression of my self diagnosed "Seasonal Affective Disorder". I am ready to take the next step. Unfortunately, my wife is a few years short of early retirement. So for now I continue to bight the bullet and suck it up hoping for an early Spring.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today's 45 degree ride consisted of sand, salt, potholes and puddles. I don't have to concern myself with that tomorrow because it's back to 20's and snow.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Today's ride started with temps in the upper 20's and light winds. I planned on just 20 but some hazy sunshine and temps warming to mid 30's made it easier to add another 10. Because of sloppy weather I have been riding my ICE T and not my new Expedition. It's not that it can't handle the roads, I just don't want to add fenders or get it dirty yet. You can see by the first picture what my trike looks like and I'm not one to clean it after each ride. Another reason I prefer drums over disks. Tomorrow promises more rain and snow so any day I get out is a good one.
Looking forward to tonight's game.
Road salt and grime

Other crazy people

Etra Lake snowed over

What little bike paths Jersey has do not get plowed