Friday, May 29, 2015

Marvelous May

Another picture perfect day with temps in the low 80's, bright blue skies and no humidity. Another year without Spring. We went from a long cold Winter to warm Summer. March and April 10 degrees colder than normal. May an easy 10 degrees warmer. Even better for cyclists is little to no rain for the month. Fortunately, we had enough precipitation this past Winter to fill those reservoirs, but the grass is beginning to brown like it does in August. I got off to a slow start this year and am 250 miles short from where I was last year. To be fair last years Florida trip added 825 miles. I managed 18 days of riding and 700 miles for May and that's with work. I'm down to 1 bike which makes things easy. After 9 years and more than 27k miles My ICE T still rides great and is a joy to ride. We are heading down to South Carolina for a much needed mini vacation and I am taking my trike. A little less than 2 weeks after we return I will be off to GOBA, my favorite supported tour.
There is still a couple days left to May.
Keep em comin!

Yesterdays humidity brought these reptiles out.

Newly paved


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not Much Happening

I haven't posted in a while because there isn't much to say. The weather has improved and I'm getting out as often as possible but I continue to pedal the same areas. Not a bad thing since a couple miles from home offers some reasonably safe and scenic roads. I tried riding with others but as much as I might enjoy there company they are either too fast or too slow. I am also not interested in transporting my bike 40 miles to ride 40 miles in a group. I rediscovered cycling almost 30 years ago, found recumbents 15 years ago and have been triking more than a decade. I have become recumbent savvy over the years and am an active member of many bicycle and recumbent newsgroups. As I get older I realize what I have to say is not as important as I use to think. My opinion on what's the best tire or trike is just that, my opinion, and not The Holy Grail. I have become more of a "Lurker" than a contributor. Lately, I find myself enjoying The Recumbent Trike Group on Facebook. It's filled more with simple people enjoying their new fascination with trikes. It's like the excitement of a child who learns how to ride a 2 wheeler. The point is as much as I still enjoy the ride I have lost some of that excitement. My next trip is GOBA and I am hoping to rekindle that fire.