Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recovery Ride

Today's 25 mile ride was my first time out since Saturday. Work and weather kept me off the bike but it was a much needed rest for my back and knee. I was a bit apprehensive getting back on the bike after the fall, but we all know you have to get right back up on the horse. I negotiated most of the same roads I had trouble with on Saturday, only this time I handled them with caution and patience. I left my old New York attitude at home.  Recovery is a lot slower these days.  It was a slow and steady pace and my knee ached both inside and out. I am confident with tomorrow's beautiful weather I will be able to increase my mileage.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind

Saturday's suck at least for cycling. It seems that every driver is rushing around somewhere. Whether it be taking kids to the game, food shopping, to the big box store for supplies for that weekend project or trying to hurry through that 6 day work week. The only safe place for biking is on a group club ride or on some multi-use-path, neither which works for me. Sunday's are much better as people tend to sleep in and are much more laid back. You do need to watch out for church goers. The week days work best for me as long as I start after 9 am and the morning rush hour. I am always conscious of mom's in their big SUV's and the Volvo drivers who blow past stop signs because they think they have the safest car in the world. Then of course there are the wannabe redneck pickup drivers and my favorite the Type A narcissistic BMW driver. I do find I must be home before 3 pm as the school bus drivers will pick you off in the name of child safety. I must include the elderly who drive with their eyes closed and curse you for there mistakes. I don't know why they say it sucks to get old. At least you get somewhere. I say mandatory driving tests over the age of 80. I find truck drivers to be most considerate. Maybe because their likelihoods depend on it. What made today so eventful was the detour I must endure to get out of Englishtown. It seems the tiny bridge on Iron Ore rd won't be replaced until July. I must continue through Englishtown and negotiate the treacherous curve only to continue another mile on a road that is 10 years in need of paving. It was on this curve that my favorite geriatric driver decided to push me to the curb. Fortunately I managed to stay up. Ten miles out I reached the majestic country roads of Milestone. 50 yards ahead was a stopped pickup truck in the road. As I cautiously went to pass he decided to make a U-Turn into me. Again I was shouting out obscenities to the oblivious pickup driver. Soon after I met up with my cycling buddy Bob and I was able to vent for a while. I finally made it back to my development when I failed to stop at a blind intersection. With 2 cars screeching at me in each direction I slammed on my brakes. I went down hard. Lying on my back in pain  I was helped up by the 2 drivers. Lucky nothing broken just my ego and some severe road rash. I was so busy blaming others I failed to accept my own accountability. Lesson learned.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Greenway Time

It was another beautiful day today. I had to pick up dog food and some groceries so the Greenway was my bike of choice. 25 scenic and 10 errand miles.

Ice-cream stop

30 lb dog food and groceries

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No Place I Have To Be

Today was one of those exceptional days. I started the ride late morning in the mid 60's with bright sunshine and light winds. My only decision was which way to point the bike. It would be my favorite 50 mile loop. Still nursing my back I thought it best to take it easy and not push it. No problem as my wife was working late and I had no life obligations. My only other decision was what's for dinner. Not wanting to think too hard on that I decided on pizza delivery. All I had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful Spring day. The air continued to warm into the 70's.  I had all the time I needed to stop and smell the roses. There was no place I had to be.

Emley's Hill

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home Again

It isn't Mexico or Caribbean weather but it was a Super, Sunny, 60's, Sunday in NJ. A well enjoyed 35 mile ride after a great non biking vacation.
Spring bloom

She is soooo photogenic

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Viva La Mexico

No riding this past week as I was sunning myself in beautiful Akumal, Mexico.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shore Up

Today being another glorious day I thought it would be fun to ride to the shore. I haven't been there since before Hurricane Sandy. Tank top, shorts and sandals, my favorite outfit. As I got close to the shore I could feel that cool breeze off the ocean. It was easily 10 degrees cooler. Everybody was out enjoying the weather. The bike path to the shore was filed with cyclists, joggers and walkers. People were walking on any open boardwalk and sun bathing on the beach in spite of the immense construction.  Most of the work being done was on boardwalk replacement. It looks like a lot but not all will be operational by Memorial Day. I expect it will take another year before things are 100%.  One thing for certain it will not keep people from enjoying the shore. The best part about riding to the shore is riding the shore. The 20+ miles to and from are on some major roads but you just can't help but smile when biking at the shore.
Blocked path not yet cleared from Sandy

Bike path to shore

Spring Lake


Asbury Swans 

Lunch at Long Branch

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Spring has finally sprung. Temps climbed to 80 degrees with bright sunshine and blue skies. Only drawback was gusty 20 mph winds. It was like Aruba trade winds. Mind you, I am not complaining. Although the first half of the ride had some serious control issues, the last 25 miles was smooth sailing with the wind at my back. My outfit for the day T-shirt, shorts or should I say knickers and sandals. I could have easily worn a tank top and shorts. The landscape was popping with color from blooming Daffodils, Forsythias and Cherry trees. A great ride to ring in the new season. Hallelujah!

Knickers and sandals

Purple Haze


Early bloom

Thursday, April 4, 2013


My favorite road out of town is closed until sometime in the Summer. They are finally getting around to replacing a small bridge over a tinny creek that they have been patching for years. This has lead  me to take familiar but not recently traveled back roads. Some of the roads are nice and others are why I have avoided them in the past. Because of this initial detour I thought it would be fun to change things up. Today"s weather was still chilly but abundant sunshine and light winds made for some fun exploring. I was in the groove and adding uncharted miles was just what the doctor ordered. 2 miles from home and another detour. It seemed like road construction was everywhere. I guess the economy is recovering. Things have been a bit dull with the never ending Winter so new changes for Spring are a welcome addition.
Last detour

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Give Me A Break

Work has been fragmented lately. My ability to get those long, lovely, beautiful rides in has been compromised. It seems the days I work are warm, sunny and Spring like while my days off are cold, rainy or blustery. Today I hoped to get that long relaxed ride in but alas it was Winter cold and windy. I had to make 4 stops before heading on my ride.  The cross winds were so strong it was difficult keeping the bike up. I no longer worry about getting the first scratch on my new fairing. The bike took a tumble on one of my quick stops. The fairing got some nice road rash. Battling the elements, just to do some errands, sucked the life out of me. 23 miles was all I could muster.