Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easy Does It

After almost 100 miles in the past 2 days I decided to take it easy. The weather 10 degrees cooler, cloudy and winds at 15. I had some errands to run and what better way than by bike. I did a 20 miler before checking on my RV and then for some groceries finishing the day with 28 miles.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Slow Roll

Today was one of those 10 best days of the year. Bright blue skies, mild winds and temps in the low 70's.  I had a nice fast paced 41 miler yesterday and my legs were a bit tired so I decided to take it easy and soak up those warm rays. With no place I had to be I did my favorite 50.

Not a cloud in the sky

Horse country

Slow ride on this trail

Rising Sun Tavern Lake

Friday, April 24, 2015

Too Cool

And not in a good way. Morning temps in the low 40's and gusty breezes from the north at 20 mph. I wore my winter clothes including my wool hat with flaps down and gloves. I was hoping to shed some clothes but those northern winds proved too menacing. It was a tough 36 miles.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Same But Different

Another beautiful day so I planned on doing the same 50 miler. Only difference, temps 5 degrees cooler and winds out of the north. I left early so I could enjoy all the day had to offer. I thought it best to pace myself from the get go even though I had the wind at my back. I didn't want to burn myself out like the other day and I new I would be pushing some stiff winds later. It wasn't until 30 miles when I was able to remove my light windbreaker jacket and I was finally in my favorite cycling attire, Shorts, T-shirt and Sandals. I was feeling so good I added an extra 5.
Gotta love this weather!

That's how I ride!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easy 50?

I missed the last 2 nice days due to life's obligations so I thought I would do an easy 50 on this beautiful day. Temps reached the 70's and the sky was bright blue. Spring had finally sprung. The first half of the ride I was excited to get out and I pushed it a bit into the wind. My legs let me know they hadn't worked this many miles in awhile. I had to stop a few extra times and rest, but hey, come on, look at the pictures.

20 mile rest stop

Friday, April 10, 2015


All dressed and no place to go. Well actually I have where to go just waiting on the mist to dissipate. It's almost noon and no signs of sun or warming temps. Every time I look at the hourly forecast it pushes back the nice weather later and later. Doesn't look good until about 6 pm. To get in the spirit of things I dug out my knickers and sandals. The next few days promise warm sunshine, but of course, I committed myself to work. I have to stop doing that.  I don't think I can wait any longer so I will darn my fleece and hope the sunshine catch's up with me..

25 miles later, the sun never came out, it didn't get warmer, mist turned to drizzle and I should have worn socks and shoes.
You just can't rush Mother Nature!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Not To Good

Yesterdays ride felt more like Winter than Spring, 40's, windy and cloudy. I did a short 19 mile run and was glad to get home. Today is more of the same and I have no motivation to ride. I will wait on tomorrow when forecasters predict a break in the weather.
I can't wait for shorts, t-shirt and sandals.

Winter wear


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Not To Bad

Because of yesterday's work obligations I was unable to enjoy what was the first warm, sunny day of the season. Now that I'm free the next few days call for rain. Fortunately, forecasting is not an exact science and this morning, although cloudy, was quite warm and no rain. I decided to temp fate and ride. It was a balmy 60 and little wind. I could easily have worn shorts and a light long sleeve shirt but erred on the side of caution with pants and a Winter shirt just in case of rain. The first 20 miles were quite enjoyable and I felt I could do an easy 50. I kept checking the skies waiting for things to change. It wasn't long before the calm SW winds turned to windy cooler NE winds. I didn't get to enjoy the anticipated tailwind for my last leg and I did get sprinkled on a few times, but all things considered, it was quite an enjoyable ride.