Monday, May 26, 2008

1ST Trike Group Ride

My son just purchased on 05 WW3.6 and I decided to join the TTOG group. There was a 25 mi ride listed in my area for today. My son and I were game, so at 9 am we all met in Cranbury. Me on my ICE T, my son, Justin on his WW 3.6, Joel on his Black Widow Action bent, Ben on his WW Race with speed drive and Suzanne on her WW path. Dave was there on is EZ 1 bent and a few other road bikers.

This was Suzanne 1st group ride and her longest distance. I must say she fared well. My son at 26 kicks butt. It was a beautiful day and the ride was most fun. Just a group of recumbent enthusiasts having fun.

Thinking of starting our own club.

Enjoy the video in spite of some shaking.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A New Trike to the Family

My son just purchased an 05 Wizwheel 3.6 Tour. After 4 hrs of riding and tweaking I must say how impressed I am over the improvements made since my purchase of a 3.4. Brake steer is minimal. Pedal steer is gone. Handling in general is far superior. The ride is soooo comfortable even with the stock tires and no seat pad. That front idler drag that bothered me so much seems non existent, although I expect he will change it out for a Terracycle idler. The paint, welds, decals and general workmanship are 1st rate.
I don't know why WW chooses to mount their barend shifters to the rear. We moved them to face forward as it is much more natural for shifting.
The trike came with many accessories, such as seat bag, accessory mount, computer and rear rack and flag. The flag is very cool.
I own an ICE T which I love very much, but bang for the buck WW is great. It's like comparing a Honda to a Mercedes. Both do the job well.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Next Recumbent Enthusiast

I am the Happy Grandfather of the next Recumbent Enthusiast. Welcome Jesse James, 7lbs 8oz born on 5/5/08 at 6:45pm.

5 BoroBikeNY

This part of what I call my cycling weekend. It starts with my clubs annual event called the Farmlands. It is held the 1st Saturday in May and hosts nearly 1000 cyclists. This year I road to the start at Brookdale college and finished with a whopping 76mi. The most I have done all yr. The next part of my cycling weekend is the 5 Boro Bike NY, held the 1st Suday in May. 30,000 cyclist ride through all 5 Boros of NYC. Traffic is closed to cars. It starts at Battery Park and ends at the foot of the Staten Island bridge, totalling 45 miles. This is just a fun ride that should be experienced at least once in your life.

The following are some raw footage of the 5 Boro. Unfortunately video quality is lost when down loading to Blog spot, but you will get the idea. Please, no jokes on my singing. I tend to get over exuberant on this event.

Enjoy and KEEP RIDING!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Flag added

Here are photos of a new Flag I just received from Devil Women Flags. I am very impressed with her work. Flags are $20 and are embroidered on heavy duty silk type material. They also have a very ingenious type of clamp mechanism to keep from flying off without being glued.
Just in time for my Bike Weekend. Saturday is my Central Jersey Bike Club main annual event. The Farmlands. I should do a metric century. Sunday is the 5 Boro NY Bike Tour. 30,000 cyclist riding thru the 5 boros of NYC. A very cool event and roads are closed to Cars. Videos to follow.