Friday, June 29, 2012


Today I rode 16 miles to New Brunswick to take part in a Grand Opening ceremony ride for Eastern Mountain Sports. My club's president lead the ride with his wife and 2 grandchildren. It was an easy 12 mile ride through New Brunswick and on to the East Coast Greenway section in Johnson Park. Mike our President was quite informative in presenting some local history. After the ride I had another 16 miles home in the blazing heat. As fate would have it, 2 miles from my house, I heard a hiss and thump, thump thump. A flat, but fortunately it was in the front. A quick fix and before I new it I was home. I still had some errands to run so back on the bike I went. I completed the day with 54 miles. Not bad.
Ready for the ride

East Coast Greenway

Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Place Like Home

 GOBA is gone. I have been back 5 days and managed to get a few good rides in. My ICE T is resting comfortably in my garage awaiting some drive train replacement parts. It seems it took a hit from the first 2 days of rain. Fortunately, my Greenway has been waiting patiently for my return. Today promised to be a beautiful summer day with light winds. It was time to get reacquainted with my Greenway and backyard. As wonderful as GOBA is, Ohio is not as scenic as New Jersey. 2 miles from my house lies some of the most beautiful cycling roads. Today's 40 miler reminded me, "There's no place like home".
Rest stop

Country road
Sunrise lake

Nice flowers


Last stop
Dinner for tonight

Sunday, June 24, 2012

GOBA 2012

Another great week of cycling and friends. This years ride started in Hillsboro. I arrived in time to set my tent up and mill around scoping out for old and new friends. Around 5 pm the rains began and people took shelter in the fairground buildings. Watching this guy set his tent up in the pouring rain was quite comical although I did feel sorry for him and couldn't imagine sleeping in that wet tent. The annual costume parade through town was small on account of the weather. The down town ceremony was moved to one of the fairground buildings. Most people opted to retire to their tents early in preparation for tomorrows 52 mile ride to Chilicothe. I awoke at 5 am and was on the road by 7. 14 miles to the first rest stop and then the skies opened up. It was quite warm so the rain felt good and there was no need for a rain jacket. At times it rained so hard the jackets were of no use anyway. Fortunately, when we arrived at the beautiful Chillicothe park the sun came out. I was able to dry things out. It was a great town for our 2 day layover and was only 1 block from the town center. The next day was a 42 mile optional ride. This was the hilliest ride of the week and of course it rained for most of the ride. The rain took it's toll on my bike and I had to have it serviced by a local mechanic. As luck would have it the rain stopped as I got back. That night myself and a few friends hit the local church fundraiser for a hearty chili spaghetti dinner. The evening activity was a local 20 lap bike race around town. We spent some time at the beer garden watching and listening to the band. A trip to the ice cream parlor and off to bed early for tomorrow's 52 mile ride to Ashville. This days ride was flat as most of Ohio and the weather was hot and sunny. Not much happening in Ashville. I couldn't do another spaghetti dinner so off to Bob Evan's for a hearty steak dinner. Up the next morning at 5 for our 52 mile ride to Washington Court House for another 2 day layover. This was a great town with plenty of places to eat and sights to see. The next day I chose the 50 mile optional ride. I couldn't imagine doing the century on such a hot day, but there were plenty of people who did. The next day was again in the 90's and 52 miles to Wilmington. This was another great town worthy of a 2 day layover but alas it was our last overnight of the trip. They had the usual street party and GOBA's song contest. It was a beautiful night and every one got together for hugs and to say their goodbye's till next time. Saturday morning was hurry up and leave for the 36 mile ride back to Hillsboro.

Some things of note.
They say if you don't like Ohio weather just wait a few minutes and it will change.
You are never alone on GOBA. Just look for the bracelet and you have a friend.
Ohio people are some of the nicest, friendliest people you could meet.
My faired trike made quite the impression.
I don't have an accent, they do.

For each of the the last 12 years I have done at least one week long tour. They have included GOBA, Bike Virginia and Bike Florida. They are pretty much the same in that you ride from town to town for a week. They carry your luggage, provide rest stops, support and places to stay. You meet great people and can't help but have a fantastic time. I like GOBA as it is a full 7 day ride, the days are an easy 50 miles, the terrain is generally mild and the price is right.

Where else can you wake up at 5 am, cycle 50 miles a day, ride in the heat, rain and wind, wait on line for showers and food, sleep in a tent, poop in a Porta-a-Jon and be privileged to pay for it for 7 days. All this and to come back and say,

The following are pictures which will better represent the ride. If you have not done GOBA by all means put it on your "Bucket List".


My Jersey friend John

Good friend Steve I met 4 GOBA's ago

Good friends Dave n Leanne from GOBA last year

Covered bridge
Hiding out from rain

My friend Dave form my 1st GOBA

Not my underwear

Bike mechanic bailed me out after the rains

Bike race in Chillicothe

My GOBA buddies

Cool mural


Rest stop

You name it he carried it

Took a swim in the reservoir. Nice

Electric piano carried on the ride for our rest stop entertainment

Malcom from Maryland.
Very fast rider

Handicap parking
Check out the umbrella on the trike

Another mural

Last nights party in town

Lavender garden

Covered bridge

Back at Hillsboro
Check out the banner.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

GOBA Training Ride

Circumstances prevent me from taking my Greenway to GOBA. The ICE T will be my ride. I have exclusively been riding the Greenway for the last 1500 miles. Since each bike utilizes different bent muscles I thought it best to reacquaint myself with my ICE T. Today's weather was perfect for nothing less than 50 miles on one of my favorite hillier loops. My plan was to push hard and get those new muscles working. I was enjoying myself so much I just decided to kick back and relax. A comfortable pace, taking pictures and smelling the roses was the order of the day.