Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scene of the Crime

Minding my own business on this nice stretch of road.Who would think it would be close encounters of the stupid kind.
No Assholes today.
Windsor and Park

I swear, I'm over it. Really!

New tent

I just purchased a new Bike-Packing Tent, Taron 2 from Eureka. My old Eureka lasted more than 14 years but has become a bit brittle from UV damage. I love the full rain-fly and large vestibule on this model. It allows me to keep panniers and bags outside the tent, but protected. It's not the smallest or lightest but at $135 it offers great comfort and features which is worth the extra pound after a long day on the road.
I can't wait for my next trip.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Repair

I recently noticed cracks in 3 of my fenders. One Planet bike fender on my Greenway and two SKS fenders on my ICE T. I was surprised about the Greenway as it's only 2 yrs old but research showed Planet bike fenders do not last and crack at the stays. The ICE T is 8 yrs old and the fenders have been rock solid till now so no real complaints. Either way, fenders are difficult and costly to replace especially on recumbents, but they are a must have in my book.  A couple of years back I had an 8 inch crack in the holding tank of my RV from a blow-out. Talk about costly repairs. I found this product called Plasti-Mend which bonds by melting into the original plastic. That $50 product saved me thousands of dollars. I decided that would be the way to go. While waiting for delivery I used good old fashion duct tape to keep things together. Today I made the repairs on all 3 fenders. It's not pretty but it's stronger than original and I have plenty left for future cracks or breaks. 
Plasti-Mend kit

Stress crack ICE T front fender

Greenway Planet Bike fender

ICE T SKS rear fender


Saturday, July 26, 2014


I was pedaling along a quiet country road when I looked in my mirror and found another cyclist drafting off me. Well maybe not drafting as I was only going 10 mph. After about a quarter mile a car zooms past with his horn waling. The driver then puts his hand out the window giving us the finger. My immediate reaction was to put both hands in the air giving back a double "Italian Salute".  The other cyclists exclaims "I'm with you on that one" The next thing I know the car stops ahead in the middle of the road. I pedal up fast to the drivers door and figure this guys got balls as there are 2 of us. To my surprise the other cyclist passes the car quietly and rides off leaving me alone with this maniac. I said "what's your problem"? He said "you should have pulled over". I said "this road is not big enough for you Asshole". He then said I had an attitude problem. I said, I do now you fuck'n asshole. He then tried to run me over. I was now seeing red and was overcome with rage. I jumped off my bike and then said he needs to get out of his car so I can stick that cigarette up his ass. This 62 yr old 5'7" raging bull was out of control. As I lunged for his neck he drove off leaving me shaken. By now a few cars had stopped asking if I was OK and not to let him ruin my day. I gave a passing nod of gratitude, hopped on my bike and pedaled away.
I will have to go back to my smile and wave attitude.
Just had to vent.

Friday, July 11, 2014