Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is Here

I left early today for my ride.  Temps in the low 30's with frost on my car windshield.  I dressed in my warm winter clothes, Sporthill Fusion shirt and pants, wool socks, boots, fleece top, windbreaker jacket and Waltz Ear-Flap cap and wool mittens.  My clothes were spot on and I was nice and comfy for this 42 miler.  Half way into the ride, as the temperatures slowly climbed, I removed my jacket.  The hat and gloves remained on as they have there own natural ventilation and wicking ability.  It was another beautiful Fall day tucked between a rainy yesterday and what promises to be a rainy tomorrow.  With the weather changing, I have to make the most of each day and today was just that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4,000 Miles


Today my 41 mile ride brought me to the 4,000 mile mark for the year.  It was a blustery day with winds at 15-20 mph.  I usually prefer hills to wind, although the Streamer Fairing has helped with that a great deal.  For me the bottom line is sunshine and today it was abundant.  I was surprised to see so many cyclists on this windy Tuesday.  The past Saturday had few cyclists and it was a calm sunny day.  Maybe they realize the season does not have to be over. 
My annual goal is 3,000 miles so you can see what an accomplishment this is. Last year I had a record breaking 5,340 miles for the year.  I don't think I will break last years record.  I am 200 miles and 15 rides short compared to last year at this time.   However the year pans out is fine.  It has been a fantastic and enjoyable cycling year.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where Have All the Cyclists Gone

Today, my ride took me through Freehold and then beautiful, rural Millstone Twsp.  This 41 miler started with temps in the low 40's increasing to mid 50's and winds around 10 mph. As you can see by the picture, it was a great Fall day requiring only a long sleeve shirt, light fleece and long pants.  I was surprised to see only 3 other lone cyclists.  Could it be that many cyclists have hung up their bikes in hibernation for these colder months?  It would be a shame to miss some of the most spectacular, colorful scenery of the year that could best be appreciated by bike.  I for one, will be riding all year.  Each season brings a new and exciting perspective of what to behold while riding my bike.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not as Planned

I left at 8 am for a meeting and then hoped to continue on for a 35 miler.  The morning temps were warm and it promised to be a clear day.  When I got out of the meeting it was cloudy and much cooler.  I did not dress accordingly and was quite cold.  I returned home for what was only a 14 mile day.  Tomorrow I hope to be better prepared.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Streamer Fairing Revisited

I purchased the Streamer fairing in October of 2008 and am now into my 4th season.  I bought the fairing to help with my cold feet during winter weather.  I also hoped it would offer some additional weather protection and help cut through the wind.  Having had a fairing on my Mongoose utility DF bike and my Rans Stratus, I new it would not add any speed to my ride.  According to studies done, fairings will increase speed over 15mph.  I am a slow rider so this benefit was only possible on descents.  It does offer some protection in the rain but a good bump will shoot the droplets onto my face.  On my trike I do get some protection for my cold feet, but not being fully enclosed, it still is quite cold.  It does help with head winds.  It is not that I am faster but it seems to make pushing into the wind less strenuous.  I decided to keep the fairing on when I went on Bikefl this year as I thought it might be windy.  It was not terribly windy, but quite rainy.  The fairing kept my lower half dry which was a nice plus.  When I returned home in late March I removed the fairing.  It is much easier to get on and off the trike without it.  It is also easier to transport.  I keep mileage logs with average speed on my rides.  I noticed this year that with the fairing my average speed increased by 1/2 mph consistently.  This is not earth shattering, but when you are a slow rider, this becomes a significant increase.  I have had the fairing on for the past 1 1/2 months.  The weather has been surprisingly warm, but we have had many gusty days.  The fairing has proved to be a nice asset.  It also adds quite a lot of "Bling" and I get more "Cool Bike" remarks.  Although  I much prefer warmer weather, the trike and fairing help me get through the winter months with it's stability and protection. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Take The Long Way Home

To Meeting

From Meeting

Nice Colors

I had a 9am meeting this morning and decided to take my bike.  The weather forecast was for sunny 50-60 degrees with winds over 10mph.  You know how weather forecasts are.  I awoke to light drizzle.  Looking out I could see that the clouds had some breaks in them.  I decided to do the 7 mile ride and hoped that the forecasters were right.  The light rain continued for most of the ride.  When the meeting was over, I came out to bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  I decided to add another 16 miles, making the total ride over 30 miles.  The air was fresh and the trees were colorful.  Makes you appreciate the changing seasons.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bye to Indian Summer

The past week has probably been the best cycling weather of the year.  Weather forcasters predict rain for the next 3 days and dropping temps.  Weekend looks good in the 60's with some blustery winds, but, you know how weather predictions go.  Today was a fantastic finish to this week with a 40 miler.  I took my time in order to savor every moment of what will probably be the last 70 degrees of the year.  This was the 3rd time I did the route this week and every day I saw something different.  Today I noticed how the leaves were changing and falling in spite of the warm temps.  I meet up with 3 women cyclists also enjoying this fine day. It was great to enjoy this day on mans most efficient machine.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Indian Summer

The weather has been fantastic the past few days.  It will continue to get warmer over the next couple of days.  I had some obligations to do today so I decided to get them done early so I could enjoy this great day.  I did the same 41 mile route as the other day.  I didn't think it could be better but it was.  I never thought the fairing added any speed, but I find I am about a 1/2 mph faster on average than without it.  It really doesn't matter as I am a slow rider and like to smell the roses as I go.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

I originally went out for a 35 miler. The air was crisp with temps in the high 50's to low 60's and winds below 5 mph.  The sky was cobalt blue with pure sunshine.  I added another 6 miles just to continue this glorious day.  It's amazing what a beautiful day does to me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falling Around


I managed a 25 miler today after recuperating from my recent cold.  I left late and the weather turned a bit grey and windy.  Halfway into the ride the sun peeked out and it started to change for the better.  I decided to have some fun and added these videos.  Please excuse the quality as they were made with my phone.  Also my NY TALK and STUFF.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Under The Weather

Since returning home from vacation, the weather has been on the wet side.  To make matters worse I developed a lingering cold which has left me a bit weak.  Today I managed to get out for a 14 miler.  It felt good to breath some fresh air and get those legs moving.  Weather predictions look good and I hope to be pounding the pavement as before.  Slow and steady wins the race.