Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Commuting with Planet Bike Lights

I just started a new job requiring me to work 5 , 8 hr+ days a week instead of 3 12 hr days. I feared this would cut into my cycling time, so I decided to purchase some lights for hopeful commuting. My commute is 16mi each way in a fairly rural area. In hopes of commuting I purchased some inexpensive lights. Instead of spending a lot of money on intensity lights. I decided to try economical Planet Bike lights. I started with the Beamer 3 headlight. Not much better than my old Cateye. The biggest advantage to the Beamer is it's small size and long battery life. I also added the Blaze 1/2 watt tail light. Tiny, also only 2 AA batteries and is extremely visible. I then added the Blaze 1/2 watt front light and another 1/2 watt blaze tail light.
With this setup I did my 1st commute to work on my ICE T Trike. I left at 5am for a 6:30 start. I had to carry my work clothes and work paraphernalia. I decided to also stop for bagels for the staff. My Pod bags weighted 30lbs. I must say I was very impressed with the lights. Being a slow rider at 11mph, the lights provided plenty of visibility. As the day broke I changed over the front lights to flashing mode. I was amazed how far they flashed at signs. There was a person from work who passed me and commented how visible I was.
All in all I am happy with this set up.
On another note, people at work asked me if I was tired and how I would fair on the way back. 16 miles is a walk in the park and the ride back is even easier. It's a time to reflect on the day and take your time getting home. I have done work commutes before, but not as pleasurable as this. Not sure how often I will do this, as I am mgt and require to stay as needed.

All in all a great experience with lots of potential.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cycling Glasses

For those of you that are not overtly sight impaired, I highly recommend Smith and Wesson Magnum Safety glasses. I bought a pair a few years back from Walmart for under $10. I loved them so much I purchased 2 more pair. Since then, due to my abuse they have scratched severely and I have decided to get a new pair. With much dismay, they were no where to be found. I checked safety glasses at all my local hardware stores and non had that same comfortable fit. After searching the web I found my loved Smith & Wesson glasses at at a reasonable price and shipping with a great variety of lenses.
I purchased 3 pair. Clear for night riding, Orange Blue Blocker for cloudy days, and Smoked with anti fog lenses for sunny days. I am very excited they did not change the design.
Smith & Wesson Magnum Features precision cut to shape 7 base spherical lens for increased distortion-free peripheral protection. Adjustable temples with four settings for a precise fit. Ribbed, non-slip rubber nose piece for all day comfort. Maximum UV protection. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 performance standards.
Please note these are not for people who need prescription sun glasses. These are regular sunglasses at a reasonable price with a great fit. If you can survive without prescription riding glasses, I highly recommend the Smith & Wesson Magnums.