Friday, July 11, 2014

Beautiful Morning

Another great morning commute.
Oh how I love Summer.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Half Way Point

We are now halfway through the year and I have almost 3300 miles in 85 days. Outstanding considering how painfully long this Winter was. What I realized is that June seems to be my best month with 925 miles in 26 days. Looking back a few years June consistently was the month with the most miles. I even placed 5 for June in NJ in the National Bike Challenge. Very good considering I finished 30 in May.  I don't think I will have a year like last and frankly don't care. I'm just happy I still enjoy the ride.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This and That

I like to think of myself as a cycling advocate but I'm not one to go march on Washington. IMHO building more bike paths only reinforces the notion that bicycles don't belong on the road. It also never made sense to me to put your bike on your car, drive 40 miles round trip to do a 40 mile club ride. I understand some people are just not comfortable riding their bikes on the open road so for them any way they can get out and ride is good. For me cycling is exercise, sport, transportation and just a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.
Today's ride was a typical day for me. I got to enjoy this great weather, stayed in shape with 42 miles, saw some beautiful countryside, witnessed a giant turtle crossing and got the best parking spot in front of my favorite store.
That's how I do it.


Found on the Etra Lake path.
Big fella he is.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Nice Day

Lower temps, humidity, and winds with high clouds made for a great cycling day.
I rode my favorite 40 mile loop and after a quick pit-stop home I swapped out the ICE T for the Greenway. Then a trip to check on the Outlaws and off to the market for my my favorite after ride thirst quencher, on sale flavored seltzer. I brought home 10 bottles. 47 miles in total, Nice!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Morning Commute

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I was in the mood for some eye candy so I road out to Jerseybents in Hamilton. Lawrence, the shop owner, added Catrike, HP Velotechnik, Trident, ICE and Azub bikes. He is already a major Terratrike dealer. I would love to buy a new folding trike but I need to sell off some of my fleet first. It's a 50+ mile round trip so if I am going to make any test rides I need to leave early which I didn't. As it turned out Lawrence was not there and Charlie was busy in the other shop so no test rides today. Charlie did let me play in the store buy myself. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I got to sit on most of the trikes. I must say I was partial to the comforts of ICE and liked Catrike's road model. I look forward to their introduction of the folding Trail model.  It was great to get close up to HP and Azub, amazing engineering. Trident trikes are a great bang for the buck. It was great fun and when I'm ready to buy I will be back for some serious test riding. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my ICE T and Greenway.
Terratrike Rover

HP FS 26 and FX

Catrike all models

Azub and ICE Adventure

Trident Spike and Transport

ICE and Azub