Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tour De Elizabeth

I rode this event today with my son, his girlfriend and my 8 year old grandson Jesse. The event is a 15 mile ride around the city of Elizabeth sponsored by Groundwork Elizabeth.

What is Groundwork Elizabeth?
Founded in England in 1979, the Groundwork program engages the public sector, the private sector and the community in addressing challenges in urban communities.

This event was like a mini 5 Boro Tour, extremely well supported by the city's Police, Fire, Ems, and many other volunteers. Streets were blocked from cars and pedestrians and there was always a cheering crowd. Kudos to all that made it possible. I highly recommend this ride if you are in the area and will be on my annual ride list.
For the record we rode 3 miles to and from the event for a total of 22.2 miles.
I am very proud of my grandson Jesse for a supper ride and longest to date.
6:30 am ride to my son's house.

Nice T-shirt they gave out.


Ride complete but still have 3 mile home

Waiting to see if we won any raffles, nope!

Walking to the diner to refuel after event.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Take The Long Way Home

Today was to be one of those 10 best days so I opted for an early start. 5 miles into the ride and I lost the sun. Temps remained mild and there was little wind so I planned for a 40 miler and maybe more. My 18 mile mark is where I have to decide if I want to take the long scenic ride with no short cuts home. That's a minimum of 50 miles with no if's and's or but's. I was feeling good in spite of no sun so it was a no brainer, onwards and upwards. The last month and a half have had their fair share of rain and I lost many cycling days compared to March so I was excited to make this ride last. It was one of those days I had no place I had to be. Even what little wind was at my back for the last 15 miles and yes the sun finally followed me home.
What a great ride!