Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Stats

Year                                       2012      2011      2010      2009      2008      2007

Total miles                             6169        4714     5354      3185      2861      3328

Total rides                                199         159       183        126        108        109

Average speed                           11           11         10           11          11         11

Average miles per ride               31           30         30           25         27          31

Bikejournal standing                 460        829       655        1643      1968     1516

Bentrider standing                      13          24         17            49          76         76

Mileage Breakdown                  

Greenway                                2455

Stratus                                     2105

ICE T                                       1552

Fuji                                              57

Utility                                       1669 

My car                                     7000
FWIW 1200 of the 7000 miles was a trip to Ohio for a week long bike trip.


I was fortunate to ride 28 miles on this last day of 2012. It completes an epic year of 6169 miles. 
Thank you for sharing some of my adventures around New Jersey. I wish all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. A toast to what new Adventures lie a head for 2013.

Ice Capade

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today's 26 mile post Christmas day ride was grey and cold. I got out early to beat the impending storm. The Ice T seemed like the right vehicle for such a day. The fairing for wind and cold and trike stability for those ice patches along the road. Today was probably my coldest ride of the year and in-spite of the fairing my toes were still frozen. Today's ride did not give me that warm fuzzy feeling like on a beautiful Spring day. It was, however, better than staying home and adding more Winter Fur.
Grey Day
Ice patch

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tis The Season

It's kind of slow right now between Winter and the Holidays. It's hard to get excited about cycling, unless, of course, there is something under the tree. You have to check the weather forecast to see what kind of layering you will need. Looking like a Nomad is against my Grant Peterson, "Just Ride", philosophy. Winter is here and not much you can do about it. The good news is the Winter solstice is over and the days are getting longer.
Looking like a Nomad

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The last 2 days of rain proved frustrating. I needed just 38 more miles to reach my goal. Today I got the break I needed and hit 6,000 miles. The most miles I have ever done in 1 year. To celebrate I bought myself some Bling.
New Bling

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Misty Ride

I had some morning errands to run. Not being a nice day I thought I could get away with an additional 15 miles. I could survive should the weather change for the worse. I rode my old favorite loop when 15 miles seemed like a long ride. The Greenway is a great bike to take out on a not so great day. It's massive presence and handicapped like appearance get cars respect. Fairing and fenders provide great protection. It's 3 point stance and new tires make for a stable wobble free ride. My homemade dry-box works great for easy access to my phone. It was just nice to not have to think.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Tires For Greenway.

I know it was only a couple of months ago that I put on those orange tires. Although they added some serious bling they had a dark side. The bright orange tires distracted from the frame. It made the bike look like a giant Cinderella pumpkin coach instead of the serious ride that it is. The voluminous air made for a very soft plush ride but at the expense of handling. The bike had a tendency to roll on turns and become less stable. It catapulted over bumps like a Moon-buggy. I wanted an all around tire that was durable but not a tank. I came across the Continental Contact 11 Reflex. It came in a 1.75 which seemed like the perfect size. It also came in both a 20 and 26 size, so everything matched. What attracted me was Continental's statement

Fast, safe and comfortable - guaranteed ! 

The Contact's have a nice supple ride with good tread and flat protection. The black tires with reflective side walls against the orange frame looks great. I adjusted all the fenders so they sit well over the wheels. This bike makes it's own statement.

The old

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doctor Visit

Back in August my trunk mount rack upper straps broke with my Stratus mounted doing 65 mph. When I pulled over I found my bike still strapped to the rack being dragged by the bottom 2 straps. The 2 arms supporting the bike acted as a skid plate. The only damage was a broken mirror and a bent derailer. I pulled out the derailer as best I could  and have been riding it ever since. It was never a 100% so I decided it was time for a new derailer. Well hours into the exchange and I could not for the life of me get that thing adjusted. I brought it to my favorite LBS, Bicycle Rack, in Hightstown. My buddy Van took one look and new it was a bent hanger. With his magic fingers all is good again.

Van and his magic fingers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Very Enjoyable Day

It was a nice break from the cold, wind, rain and snow of yesterday. My ICE T was the flavor of the day on this 38 mile ride. My thirst was not fully quenched so I opted for my Orange Julius and another 6.5 miles to the store. Riding my bike makes me feel warm and fuzzy like when I was a kid. I love it when it all comes together.
 Roundup the posse
The James Gang

No parking problem here.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday/Saturday

My plan for Friday was a low impact easy 30 miler. It was such a nice day I started adding a few miles and a few miles and a few miles. Next thing I new I had 44. Today on the other hand was a blustery cold day. I left early as the day promised to deteriorate. Sunshine with 40 degree 20 mph winds turned to grey 30's and 30 mph. The ICE T is a great bike for this weather. Tucking in under the fairing is great protection and definitely helps cut through the wind. 30 miles was the business for today.

Cold attire

Other crazy bikers

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost There

I just completed 5500 miles for the year. I surpassed my record set in 2010 by more than 100 miles. My new goal is 6,000. This is not going to be an easy accomplishment. The days are getting shorter and the cold adds greater resistance. My body is having a tough time doing 50 miles, even 35 is a major workout. I will have to average 100 miles per week. Not a big deal in the warmer weather but Winter is very unpredictable. Just 1 snow storm stops things dead in it's tracks. Whatever happens it has been a great year. I promised myself I would not be as obsessive next year and just enjoy the ride.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I thought I would keep my Stratus as light as possible. No rack fenders or fairing. I was hoping without adding my touring accessories I would be closer to a Lance Armstrong. That didn't happen. I am still slower than shit. I got tired of trying to avoid puddles and that cold splash of dirty water up my back and face. After a few months of trying to be someone I'm not, I picked up some generic fenders from my LBS. They look great, are rattle free, and light enough. This is how I ride. I see a fairing in my future.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Counting Backwards

Today I thought I would do my favorite 50 mile loop. Decisions, decisions as to which bike to take.
I'm so confused.
I decided the bike with the least resistance. The Stratus with it's long stretched wheelbase and soft comfy ride is a great high miler bike.
The Limo
The day started cold in the 30's with light winds and blue skies. I dressed in my cold attire, wool socks, Snowhill warm pants, Snowhill warm shirt, hoodie, windbreaker jacket, warm gloves and my favorite wool Walz cap with earmuffs.
 Walz cap and Sporthill shirt.

 The morning started to warm and I thought I might be a bit over dressed. A needless concern as it turned out. 3 miles into the ride I met with a construction detour. Instead of back tracking and rerouting, it put me in a position to do my ride backwards. It seemed like a great idea and would give me a different perspective as if it was a totally new ride.

Seeing this on my left going downhill. A different perspective.
 I was going at a good pace and thought, WOW, how much easier it is this way. For all these years I have been doing this route the hard way. 30 miles into the ride things changed. You know those light winds I mentioned. They were now in my face. The temps no longer warming and instead were dropping. It seemed all grades were an incline. My speed dropped significantly. I even got a little disoriented and didn't know which way to go. Things look a lot different going the other way. The last 10 miles was work. I am not sure exactly why that was. Maybe I was not up for such a long ride. I haven't been doing the miles as usual. Maybe it was the cold. Two thing I learned, you can't dress too warm and think twice before doing those extra miles when riding on those cold  Fall/Winter days. Although my legs are aching and my body has finally warmed up it was great to get out.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Life's obligations resulted in a late start for today's 30 mile ride. It was more like Summer than Fall. Temp 70, light winds and bright sunshine. Nice reprieve from the wind, rain and snow. My attire for the day, shorts and a T-Shirt. The scent of fresh pine was everywhere from the downed cut trees of the storm.  Tomorrow calls for rain. Wednesday looks better but a 20 degree drop in temperature. Probably no more days like this for the rest of the yr. The numerous puddles from the melted snow and the increasing wind and cold makes me seriously reconsider fenders and fairing for my Stratus..

Friday, November 9, 2012

3 Wheels Good

3 wheel stability is a big plus in this weather. Fenders also.
Short trip to the market

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storm 2

Looks like no riding today. 7 inches of the white stuff. Fortunately it will be warming and all should melt in 2 days. It is a heavy wet snow and caused additional downed trees and lines.  

Birch tree laying on ground

Birch tree on ground

Wires very low

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coming Along

Power has been restored to my home and most of the immediate area. My son, on the other hand, still has no power and my job, at a long term care facility, remains on emergency generator power. We are slowly returning to normalcy. Gas stations, stores and banks are open and people are returning to work. Schools are to open next week. It was great to see my neighbors open their doors and hearts to the kids Trick or Treating yesterday. My 4 yr old grandson had a ball going out in his Ninja Turtle costume. He came back hrs later with a bucket full of candy. Today I planned on taking my bike east to the Jersey Shore to see first hand Sandy's devastation. This past week had taken it's toll on my body and mind and I slept in 2 extra hrs. I was in no rush to get on my bike on this cold Fall day. It was well after 10 when I finally bundled up to vote. I was not sure how well I would fair for the 50+ mile ride to the shore. Instead I headed west were I new the roads would be open and I could forget life for a while. Although it was a nice relaxing 33 mile ride, the army of utility workers trucks, occasional hums of generators, down trees and lines, roof repairs and general cleanup was a constant reminder of Sandy's destruction.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Day 7 Still no power. Getting updates from Twp, "they are working on it". Justin(son)was over yesterday for dinner and a shower in between shifts. He is still having trouble getting gas. My job still has no power, only emergency generator. They had to cook the residents oatmeal on potable gas grills outside. They try to give them at least 1 hot meal a day. We are all doing a great job pulling together and the residents are well cared for. Not sure what to do with grandparents. . They are holding up but are frail. Hope to get power soon as not sure how long the generator will last and a storm is predicted this week.
Jersey Strong!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ready For The Storm

Took the Greenway out on this dismal warm day for a 32 miler. I then headed over to the market for some last minute supplies before Hurricane Sandy arrives. Looks like there will be no riding for a while.
Behind the case of club soda is real food

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adventure Cyclist

Dennis Kuhn

I had the good fortune of meeting up with Dennis Kuhn. He was finishing up his trip from Bar Harbor, ME to Hamilton, NJ. A journey over 1,000 miles and 18 days of cycling bliss exploring New England's spectacular Fall foliage. I spotted Dennis outside of Englishtown stopped by the side of the road. He was using his phone GPS to hook up with his brother-in-law for his last 25 miles home. I offered my assistance for a scenic rural route to Hamilton. The pleasure was mine and the next 10 miles we talked and I lived vicariously through his adventures. We met up with his brother-in-law and bid farewell. It was a great beginning of a ride for me and I hope end for him. Dennis renewed my faith that I too will someday make that epic Adventure Cycling Journey.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Greenway Revisited

I have 3 recumbents. 06 Stratus LWB, 06 ICE T Tadpole trike and 2012 Greenway Delta trike. Since my recent acquisition of my new/used Stratus, I have ignored my other 2 trikes. The other day I got re-acquainted with my ICE T which was my favorite ride for 6 yrs. In fact it was the reason I sold my original Stratus in the first place. Today I decided to revisit with my Greenway. Of late I have only been using this bike for local errands and shopping. It is the perfect bike for utility riding with it's large rear cargo area. It is also great for casual cycling with it's 3 point stance. As with most trikes, cars give you a wide birth. On the Greenway they seem to give me even more room. Sometimes I think they believe I am handicapped. Whatever the reason, not being buzzed makes for a nice relaxing ride. Sitting up high also gives you a nice view of things especially compared to the tadpole trikes. The Greenway also has a low bottom bracket which works better for me. This is one heavy bike with a base weight of 56 lbs. If they could shave 10-15 lbs this would be one awesome machine. It's 192 gears does make climbing easier but again there is no running from the weight. The one thing that annoys me most is the disk brakes. They are finicky, difficult to adjust and always squeal when wet. I love drum brakes, no maintenance, last forever, don't squeal and stop big rigs well. My trike is equipped with a fairing which is not meant for aerodynamics as much as it is for weather protection. I also have fenders, very large fenders, 60 mm wide. These are made for 2.0 or larger tires. Any tires smaller look lost under these fenders. I have had a few different type tires on and my latest "Bling" are these orange 2.125 Kenda Komfort Kontact tires. They look outrageous and add to the "Cool Bike" effect. They are extremely comfortable and have minimal rolling resistance  The major issue is they are heavy. The jury is still out on whether to keep the cool bike bling effect or change back to lighter Continental Contact Sport tires. If I do change to a smaller lighter tire I will change out the fenders also. The Greenway was purchased in March and has over 2100 miles. Riding it on this beautiful Fall day makes me continue to appreciate it's fine qualities. This bike is not for everyone but is a keeper for me.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nice Fall Ride

Nice 50 miler on this Sunday morning. Lots of sunshine with light winds. Colors are peaking.
Pretty 20 mile rest stop

Feeding horses

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forget About Life For A While

One of the many great things about cycling is to forget about life for a while. Today was one of those rides.

                                           Some pics from this 58 mile day

Rising Sun Lake

Etra Lake

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have come a long way from my annual goal of 3,000 mi/yr. Last yr was 4,700 and the yr before 5,400. I just hit 5k miles and still have 2 1/2 months to go. It has been an outstanding yr. I did lose some momentum the last 2 months due to life's obligations. I was hoping to hit 6k but it looks like it might be more of a challenge than I realized. In either case I am quite pleased. I am promising myself not to be as compulsive next yr. The reason I have been regularly riding  for the last 25 yrs is because I keep it fun.
25 miles to 5k