Monday, April 13, 2020

New Ride Steel Is Real

For the past 2 months my ride of choice has been my Xootr Swift folder. I don't know why but it has given me more smiles per miles than my GS trike. The only issue is the rough ride caused by small wheels and aluminum frame. So I went on the hunt for a steel frame bike. Not being a road warrior I opted for a hybrid, rigid mountain bike type ride. I wanted something that reminded me of my 80's Mongoose rigid mountain bike. I came across the Jamis Sequel which seemed perfect. 1x10 drivetrain with chromoly steel frame.  My only disappointment was disk brakes which I find more hassle than they're worth.  In addition it was not a readily available bike to test ride.With the price at $1K plus and the extras I would add made me take a second look. I found my Motobecane Cafe 11 on Bikesdirect. It has a 1x11 Sram drivetrain, road brakes and my must Chromoly Frame. Tires are 700x32 with option to go as high as 40mm. The price $650 or $700 for Chrome. I opted for the chrome.
The bike is listed as a fitness bike which I've come to learn is a more aggressive flat bar road bike.
It's now 10 days that I have the bike and it is now tweaked to perfection. I added a longer and more vertical stem, a 2 inch riser handlebar, and comfort grips. This gives me a more upright seating position which works best for me. In addition I added MKS pedals, Arkel Tailrider and Arkel Lites Panniers.
What I can tell you is the Chromoly frame with 700x32 tires and Weinmann rims makes for a smooth "Magic Carpet Ride". The 1x11 drivetrain is simple and quiet and offers plenty of gearing. I'm also enjoying the Tektro R559 road brakes.

I'm so delighted with my new ride my trike is on hold till further notice.

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