Monday, May 26, 2008

1ST Trike Group Ride

My son just purchased on 05 WW3.6 and I decided to join the TTOG group. There was a 25 mi ride listed in my area for today. My son and I were game, so at 9 am we all met in Cranbury. Me on my ICE T, my son, Justin on his WW 3.6, Joel on his Black Widow Action bent, Ben on his WW Race with speed drive and Suzanne on her WW path. Dave was there on is EZ 1 bent and a few other road bikers.

This was Suzanne 1st group ride and her longest distance. I must say she fared well. My son at 26 kicks butt. It was a beautiful day and the ride was most fun. Just a group of recumbent enthusiasts having fun.

Thinking of starting our own club.

Enjoy the video in spite of some shaking.


Joel said...

Hi Marty, we had a great time, we must do this again. Nice to have so many trikes.

Jennifer Lang said...

How cool!!!!

My fiance and I live in Princeton and we ride a pair of Kettwiesels. We'd love to join you on your next group ride if we're free!! We're actually thinking of heading down to RBR in Pennsylvania this weekend for the rally, but we're on the fence because the forecast is predicting rain.

Jennifer Lang