Sunday, July 13, 2008


I know this must sound sacrilegious, but I am contemplating going Diamond Frame. I recently sold my Rans Rocket and have considered selling my Stratus in lieu of getting a DF Surly LHT. I will be starting a new job which is 5-8 hr days a week instead of 3-12hrs. It will cut into my cycling time unless I commute. It is 16 miles from home which is not that long but I hate to get sweaty before work. I am considering driving 1/2 way and commuting by bike the other 1/2. Fortunately or unfortunately it is in a rural, but, unfriendly bike area. My trike, which is a keeper will fit in my Hyundai Accent. It does require me to remove the seat and rack. I would like to keep my down time to a minimal.
Alan Barnard of of the Recumbent Blog and now ECOVELO has always been inspirational to me. For the past 20 yrs I have used my bikes for utility miles as well as recreational. I have become more ECO conscious. After reading his posts it seems a DF might suit my utility miles better. It still would not be a traditional bike, but more along the lines of an upright Dutch Bike. I remember as a kid how I would add high handle bars and sit straight up and tall and enjoy the ride. I am hoping I can find this combination which will not overtly effect my butt. Hunched over on a racer does not work for me. Sore wrists, back and butt converted me to recumbents. I am hoping an upright position and a broken in Brooks saddle will work. If not my recumbents work well for me.
After riding my Stratus again, I decided it is too comfortable and too much a classic to sell. I hope to go to my LBS which has many used bikes and try some DF out to see if they will work.
Like Alan change can be good and increase my cycling enthusiasm.

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