Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terracycle Idler

I went out for a small 17 mile ride. It was a bit warmer, low 80's, and a little breezy. I had to get out while I am able to enjoy life and of cause I had to check out my new Terracycle idler. I would have liked to do more miles, but to tell the truth, I am sore from my 90 plus miles of the past 2 days. First off, you can see by my photos, I was in need of a new one. My T has about 7800 mi. I was hoping it would make me faster, but, a hammerhead I will never be. My T is an 06 and ICE made their idlers 60mm. As years changed ICE made their idlers 70mm. I was told by Terracycle a bigger 70mm 15 tooth idler would be more efficient, but it would require modifications, so I stayed with what was to be more original. Terracycle had a 60mm idler that came with a 13 tooth cog that would just fit right in. Of course it came at a premium price of $9 more. It seems 15t cogs are more common. If your going to buy this great idler you have to go titanium which adds another $20 premium. Total price with shipping $104. Is it worth it? I think so. A new idler from ICE would be $18 plus shipping. You can easily see the difference and I will probably never have to replace the idler again and if so there are replacement parts.
The reason I think it made no difference in speed for me is that there is a small bend compared to other bikes. On my old Terra trike 3.4 I hated that maximum bend in their drive chain and felt like it robbed me of power. On my son's Terra trike(now sold) he bought the Terracycle kit for the front and it made a huge difference. That bike was much faster.
I wanted to stay within the original design and like having the chain tubes. The idler is a thing of beauty and it dropped in perfectly. I used to see a small deviation of the chain when spinning which is now gone. It is quiet and smooth. Efficiency wise, I don't think it made a difference on my trike, but, I could see how it would on bikes with more tortuous chain lines. My old Stratus had 20k with the original idler.
Terracycle takes pride in their work and products and there customer service is outstanding.

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