Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After 5 days of sub freezing temps and a 15 inch nor'easter I had to get out on my trike. I couldn't take it anymore. I put on all the warm clothes I could muster and braved the elements. 24 degrees with winds in the high teens made it feel like the single digits. I felt like a Popsicle and the worst part was my toes. I lost feelings in them at about 10 miles. I was debating between 16 mi and 24 mi. The problem was I had to make up my mind at 5 mi. I decided to brave it. Big mistake. At 10 mi I had enough. I began to look for a quicker way back. I had to ride some major highways and after all was said and done, I rode 20 mi.
The one great thing about riding a trike in the winter is you don't have to worry about the wheels slipping out on ice or snow. In fact that is one of the fun parts. The thing you do have to watch out for, like all bikes, is the cold and frostbite.
I love riding and do it all year long, but, sometimes you have to know your own limits.

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