Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interestesting Comparison

Today I took my Fuji DF for my typical 32 mile loop.  I just added a cyclometer, but it has no average speed.  Fortunately, I am good in math, so I divided the time by distance to get my average speed.  To my surprise I was just 1/4-1/2mph faster than on my Trike.  This really amazed me because my Fuji weighs 34# with accessories while my faired ICE T trike weighs a whooping 52#.  You would think the 18# difference would transcribe into a much faster time.  Apparently, the aerodynamics of the trike is far more important, not to mention the comfort benefits.  I'm sure if I road a sub 20# bike I would be much faster, but that is not in my financial future.  I do believe my next bike will be a stripped down speedster designed only for fast club rides. In the meantime, I will continue to do utility miles and just ride for pleasure.  When I want company I will have to find slow club riders.

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