Thursday, April 28, 2011

Went and Did It or Not

I decided to bite the bullet and change my drivetrain over to Sram.  I bought Sram XO Twist Shifter and X9 Derailer for a very good price off Amazon.  I was leery as to how comfortable the twist shifter setup would be on the trike.  I know I have not been that happy with Shimano as they seem to require more maintenance.  Sram has always been spot on for me on my other bikes.  The parts came in and I decided to get to work.  Things seemed to be going along smoothly as I was making my final adjustments.  After way too many hours of frustration, I took my trike in pieces and brought it to my LBS.  He called me the next day to say the derailer cage was too short.  I looked at the box it came in and there were 2 stickers on there.  Long cage and short cage.  Obviously I got the short cage.  I decided to stick with what I had and asked my LBS to change out the derailer to a Shimano XT and new Shimano barend shifters.  Murphy's Law continued as the XT normal shifting derailer was out of stock everywhere.  I brought in my old Shimano LX and asked to put in line cable adjusters so if and when I decide to get the XT I will be able to make the change myself.  My LBS friend replaced my cables, housing, 2 in line adjusters for both front and rear, new barend shifters and did all my compulsive tweaks at a very reasonable cost.  I am a very happy camper.
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