Friday, February 24, 2012

Greenway Has Arrived

The truck that delivered

Opening box 

Professional folder of information

Fully assembled

The trike arrived by truck in a large box attached to a skid by straps and a bolt. This was to make sure the bike traveled in the proper position. I removed it from the skid and laid it down as you see it. I opened the back and took a peak. There it was finally after 2 months, my new ride. I carefully cut open the box. It was covered in plastic wrap and added cardboard cushions in strategic locations. Zip ties also attached securing the chains. I carefully removed all protective wraps. Assembly was a snap. I attached the front wheel, adjusted the seat and handlebars and it was ready to ride. Unfortunately, it is raining today and I was only able to take down the block and back. Tires were inflated and gears seemed well adjusted. I mounted my computer, mirror and the handlebar mount for my fairing. After that all I can do is sit on it and admire. I will be working the next 2 days so further setup and test riding will have to wait.

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