Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Tires For Greenway.

I know it was only a couple of months ago that I put on those orange tires. Although they added some serious bling they had a dark side. The bright orange tires distracted from the frame. It made the bike look like a giant Cinderella pumpkin coach instead of the serious ride that it is. The voluminous air made for a very soft plush ride but at the expense of handling. The bike had a tendency to roll on turns and become less stable. It catapulted over bumps like a Moon-buggy. I wanted an all around tire that was durable but not a tank. I came across the Continental Contact 11 Reflex. It came in a 1.75 which seemed like the perfect size. It also came in both a 20 and 26 size, so everything matched. What attracted me was Continental's statement

Fast, safe and comfortable - guaranteed ! 

The Contact's have a nice supple ride with good tread and flat protection. The black tires with reflective side walls against the orange frame looks great. I adjusted all the fenders so they sit well over the wheels. This bike makes it's own statement.

The old

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