Monday, December 2, 2013

Technical Difficulties

The other day I went out for a 30 mile ride. 20 miles into the ride I developed chain suck. Not being able to immediately diagnose the problem, I limped home slowly. I did not want to apply any more pedal pressure than absolutely necessary. The last thing I needed was a broken chain. It was a very cold day so I just put the bike away and headed inside. I am fortunate to have other rides so immediate repair was not necessary. I have a great mechanic, Van of Bicycle Rack in Hightstown, but he is a good 20 minute drive. Because of that and the added effort to load bikes on my car, I have learned to do most repairs. The internet, newsgroups and YouTube have proven quite valuable. Further investigation revealed a broken link. An easy fix. I did order some extra spare parts like chain, cassette, quick links and chain wear tool. Nice to have on-hand. Being holiday season I found great prices from JensonUsa.
Today's 30 mile ride proved all is good again.

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