Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter Takes It's Toll

The Greenway took a big hit from riding in the snow this past Winter. Wheel bearings needed to be repacked, jack-shaft needed cleaning and grease, chain cleaned and oiled and brake calipers cleaned and reset and a good general wash. I had some marketing to do but not until I got a ride in first. The Greenway is perfect for that with it's, comfy relaxed ride and humongous cargo capacity. My repairs were spot on and the ride smooth as silk. Temps only in the 40's with cloudy skies. I managed 25 miles before stopping at the market. I love how I always get a great parking spot. I bought some fresh produce including 2 melons, 6 apples, grapes, onions, and eggs, 7 bags all total.  I'm guessing  a good 20 lbs of groceries. I had room for more and what's better is I never noticed the weight on my 4 miles home.
Works for me!

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