Tuesday, August 26, 2014

M and R

I have been a high roller the last few years and decided to check my chains for wear. It was no surprise to learn my ICE T was well worn. It's been my bike of choice this year. The Stratus has a lot of miles with 2013 being it's big year. I was a bit surprised with the Greenway. it only has 3500 miles. All chains show greater than 75% wear. I have to question the accuracy of the tool. Either way I decided to replace all 3 bents. 9 chains and  4 cassettes later I now have peace of mind.
I also had a broken rear fender on both the Greenway and ICE T. Thanks to PlanetBike's honorable service I got the Greenway fender under warranty. I found a nice SKS fender set for a folder that worked great as a replacement on my T.
All is good again.


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