Friday, March 11, 2016

440 revised to 540

It looks like I'm back to full-timing on the trike. We have had some spectacular weather with temps flirting with 80, bright sunshine and mild winds. I was even able to ride a few days in my favorite outfit, shorts, t-shirt and sandals. It doesn't get much better than this. I just finished 4 in a row of 40+ days and I feel great. I have to say the trike is much more comfortable and makes longer days easier. Looks like 1 more nice day. It won't be a t-shirt day but hoping for shorts, sandals and little wind.

My favorite outfit

Lost my light and found it next day at mile 9

Found this on my ride.
How cool is that.
Well I managed to get another 41 miler. Temps 15 degrees cooler but bright sunshine and little wind. Next few days look nasty. Nice to see some color and another Garden snake.
Finally Spring color

Another Garden snake.

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