Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's Up?

Not much. It's Summer and it's been HOT!!! My new Xootr Swift is fun and has been a nice game changer. 100 miles in June and 250 so far this month. It's light, fast, single track and makes for a quick 20-35 mile ride. I have not utilized it's folding capabilities but it rides nicer than my Fuji, go figure. June was a good month with over 500 miles and an overall average of 30 miles per ride. Retirement is nice I don't have the need to burn up a lot of miles in a day but I still desire to get out as often as possible. As of today, I only missed 3 days this month. The humidity broke today but I decided not to overdue it with an easy 36 miler. I wanted to save some energy for tomorrow which promises to be even nicer. After that it's back up to HHH. You won't find me complaining about Summer heat and so far it's been great. My wife and I have big travel plans and we just bought a new car to help haul our bikes. We are both looking forward to new adventures and places to ride.

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