Monday, January 28, 2019

Greenspeed GT20

As it turned out I just couldn't get comfortable on the Catrike Pocket. After 100 miles I finally decided it had to go. Fortunately, Trailside bike has a 30 day return policy and they refunded my full purchase price for bike and accessories. Although I said I was not going to buy another trike I couldn't help but scour the classifieds. To my surprise there was a Greenspeed GT20 advertised just an hour away. It was listed as almost new with just 39 miles at a very reasonable price. The seller was into speed and had a Catrike 700 and bought this trike as an extra knock-a-round. He realized it was not for him and put it up for sale. I had considered buying this trike 2 years ago just before we hit the road. It was reasonably priced, had drum brakes and had a compact fold. I was concerned about the ride as it was not suspended and had a stiff aluminum frame. My test ride was impressive and I loved the handling but again the ride seemed a bit harsh and I thought it was more money than it was worth. I also didn't want to get cheap in my retirement and my real heart throb was for an ICE Sprint. After the test ride I decided to pass on the trike. Fast foward and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Greenspeed GT20.
It took a few days to get the trike tweaked right for me. It's always a challenge getting the seat and boom just right. In addition there was way to much cable housing that needed to be trimmed and the gears needed major adjustments. There are a few design floors one of which is the chain rubs against to bottom seat mount. I put a piece of rubber there which worked to quiet the noise. Another problem is the chain hits the rear fender when in high gear but in flat Florida I will not be using that gear. In fact I have had no need to get out of the big chainring which is 56t. I have put over 125 miles so far this week and I can honestly say this trike is a keeper. The most important thing for me is the body geometry. The trike has a very low bottom bracket to seat ratio which gives me an open relaxed feel and suits my comfort zone perfectly. The seat contours well for my body and so far I have not felt the need for any tush cush as I've had on all my other trikes. The trike has a very small turning circle and handles like a dream. Drum brakes are my favorite as they stop well, require no maintenance and last forever. I definitely prefer indirect steering. The trike came with a few extras like mirror and headrest and I had a rear rack I was able to easily add. Another big plus is the trike folds small for transport.
Although I was concerned about the harsh ride it seems my days of road riding are over. Most of my riding is on beautiful well maintained paved bike paths in Florida. I am able to safely ride to local shops but it is not more than 8 miles round trip and the roads are well maintained.
I am very happy with my new ride and suspect it will be a keeper along with my Xootr Swift.

Rolls like the wind
Tight turning radius
No pedal steer
No tail wagging
No brake steer
Tracks straight, minimal effect on crowned roadway
Super comfy seat
Does have some passive suspension
Drum brakes, no maintenance
Compact fold

Chain rubs against metal seat mount (now fixed)
Chain hits fender in high gear
Way too much cable housing and poor routing of cables
Some drivetrain noise (being hard of hearing helps)

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