Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First ride of the year

Hearing rain last night, I didn't expect to get a ride in for the new yr. When I finally awoke the rain had stopped and the skies were clearing. As always, after reading the paper I check Alan's, The Recumbent blog, and Bryan's BROL. On BROL there was a posting by Bjorn, "First ride of the Year". He didn't like the idea of no rides for 08 on Bike Journal, so he did a short ride of 5 mi. I new how he felt. Unfortunately I had 2 unwanted guests from the party my neighbor had, Woozy and Queasy. I had hoped to shake them off with a 14 mi ride. They kept up with me the whole ride. Finally after a hot shower and writing this Blog, they got bored and left. It is nice having started my cycling yr on the right foot and still
Enjoying the ride

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