Thursday, January 1, 2009

1ST Ride of 2009

Let me just start by saying. It was COLD!!! Temps about 20F. Winds up to 20mph per forecast, however, didn't seem as bad. Sun shinning bright. Not a cloud in the sky. Biggest mistake of the ride was not wearing my $100 Sporthill pants, instead wearing a lighter and less expensive version of the same.

I was a bit worried when I left work yesterday as it was snowing. I new it would be cold and windy today, but I was determined to get a ride in for the new year. My only concern was snow on the ground. Fortunately there was non. At 10am I headed out for a short 15 mile ride to start the new year off. Needless to say I was the only cyclist on the road.

This was my 1st cycling adventure for 2009 and I look forward to what this year bestows.


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