Saturday, February 14, 2009

Returning to the Dark Side

After more than a decade of recumbent riding, I reached out for the dark side.
I have been following Alan's Ecovelo site for quite some time and have been itching to get back to my roots of riding.
I purchased a 2008 leftover Fuji Tourer off Ebay and have made my own desired modifications. It is a work in progress and is not completed. I will save all the technical data when I have satisfactorily completed my project. As of now I have done numerous 30 mile spins and must confess, they have been quite enjoyable.
My legs have had no problem adjusting. Back, neck, and wrist pain have not been an issue. My Cloud 9 seat although not perfect is pretty comfortable. The long wheelbase steel frame is quite forgiving and the ride reminds me of my old Status. It was an easy adjustment going back. It was harder getting my bent legs than my DF legs. It is certainly different than recumbent riding, but maintains it's deja vu as to why I love riding.
It will probably take me a few more months to tweak things out, but at least I am enjoying the ride.

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