Monday, February 9, 2009

Why I Ride

Cycling gives me a spiritual calmness and a oneness with nature.
It gives me short term and long term achievable goals.
Riding 15 miles on January 1st just to get my 1st mileage logged, on a blistering cold day, warms my heart.
I get excited when I complete my age in miles on my winter birthday week.
Writing my BLOG sipping a glass of wine after a great cycling day makes me feel serene.
Commuting to and from work makes that day special.
Realizing after a few days off, my car has not moved, amazes me.
I have become more foot print conscious.
I recycle, I use home filtered water instead of store bought, I use fluorescent bulbs, and I drive a fuel efficient sub-compact, but that is not why I ride.
I just ride because it makes me feel good.

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