Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Marty Day

I just got back from a 50 mile ride. The weather was spectacular. Highs in the mid 60's with little wind and no clouds.
I have this bug lately to get myself a new bent. After getting bitten by the trike bug, my beloved Stratus and Rocket began to collect dust and garage space was at a premium, so they were sold. I now have sellers remorse.
There is a bike shop about 25 miles away that sells recumbents. I called yesterday to see if they had in stock what I might be interested in and they did among others. I Map Quested my route through as much rural area as possible and checked the weather. It was going to be a fifty miler day plus test riding. I was not sure if I was up to that many miles. I decided to play it by ear. The weather was on the money and that bug of testing what might be my next new bent was too much to bear.
I arrived at the shop refreshed and the owner was most accommodating. Not only did he have the bike I wanted to test, but, it had the seat I most wanted to try. My test ride did not live up to my expectations. I tried a few more bents, none of which called my name. I said my thanks and got back on my trike for the ride home. My T seemed exceptionally comfortable. The ride back was 1.5 miles shorter, but seemed even quicker.
I quenched my thirst for a new bent and did it with a ride on one of the 10 best riding days of the year. This is what I call a Marty Day.

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