Monday, October 19, 2009

Faired on a Fair Day

Today I did a 28 miler with my Streamer fairing installed. Temps in the low 40's with frost in the am and moderate winds. A beautiful fall day.
I originally purchased the fairing a year ago for winter protection. I love riding all year round, unfortunately, my toes do not feel the same way. I tried all different shoes and socks and nothing could keep those piggies warm. I finally decided to spring for a fairing. At the time, the Streamer seemed like the best bang for the buck. Like many recumbent parts some fiddling needs to be done. I loved the shape, size and coverage the Streamer offered. I did not like how the Velcro held the fairing in place and the rear strut mount never could stay secured. I screwed the fairing to the metal supports and added a hose clamp to my derailer tube and the rear strut. This made the fairing rock solid. What would we do without duct tape and hose clamps? The only issue is the fairing is fixed and you have to be a bit of a contortionist to get in and out of the seat. This is a minor trade off for the winter protection I receive. Check out the video.
This was the final fix to get the trike ready for my upcoming winter rides.
Loving the ride,

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Susanita said...

Hi Marty,
We have a Hase Pino Tandem. Where did you buy your Streamer Fairing? Sounds like a good idea.