Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow 1 Trike 3

The snow finally started to recede. We got almost 3 feet of it with the last 2 storms. The snow banks were so high that peeking around them to see in my small car was a challenge, even for this X New Yorker. I dare not try and get out on my trike. With the snow banks down to about 1 foot and me on the trike at 3 foot I finally felt able to chance it with a 25 miler. Beautiful sunshine, temps high 30's with winds in the upper teens and gusting to who knows what. I dressed appropriately sporting my new Sporthill shirt, fleece pants, balaclava, wool socks and hat and other layering clothes. The fairing did it's job in helping to carve through the wind. Of course, my average speed was a bit down and the trike was quite dirty when I got home. A few minutes with Fantastic and a quick chain lube and I am ready for the next ride.
I look forward to warmer weather, but, still had a very enjoyable day.

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