Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sporthill Winter Shirt

It's been a pretty tough winter this year with all the snow. I have not been able to get out and ride as much as I would like. This does not keep me from surfing the web looking for new ideas to enhance my riding. A few years ago when I first started this blog I wrote about some pretty expensive pants. Sporthill XC winter pants designed for skiing. I read about some cyclists using theses pants with great reviews and decided to spend the $100. Normally I would wear some sweats and only buy clothes I have tried on a dozen times. I almost never bought on line. The pants are exactly as described in fit and warmth. I later found a great price on Sporthill Infuzion slacks and shirts. They have proved to be outstanding quality and fit. Sitting at home over the last 2 weeks with all the snow I thought it might be a good time to look for some great winter deals. I had purchased the Sporthill Infuzion Splice shirts and love them. I found some Sporthill Infuzion Stripe shirts at less than half off and decided to give them a try. I just received them from REI Outlet. They have the same comfortable fit and warmth as the Splice but do not have the articulated sleeves and don't have the longer back. I couldn't figure out what the difference in shirts was on there web site and now I now. In spite of the difference they have a great comfy feel and fit. I wear them as my base layer. The zipper is 12 inches long and has a storm flap so next to the skin is like warm fleece and the large zipper allows for ventilation as needed. The shirts and pants have great wicking ability. Sporthill pays great attention to detail and IMHO makes some of the finest active wear around. They are unfortunately, a bit expensive. I know have enough winter and cool spring wear as needed. Now if the snow would just melt a bit.
I do long for the warm weather when I don't have to think about what to wear. Regular shorts, shirt, and sneakers or sandals work for me.
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