Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 of 10

Yesterday was a Marty Day, a 10 of 10. Temps upper 70's to low 80's with mild winds and plenty of sunshine. For the past month I have been plagued with shifting problems and a minor but very irritating health issue. Both are resolved and my 40 miler was just the most fun and relaxing ride I have had in a while. One of the worst things for me is getting sick and not being able to ride like I want, especially on those beautiful days. To compound the problem my trike had developed some ghost shifting. I tried everything to fix it including changing the cassette, chain and cable. I was about to change the derailleur over to Sram but did not want to give up my thumb shifters. A quick look by my LBS revealed nothing. I mentioned the cable housing and that some metal strands had been showing. He said that could do it. I purchased new housing which he cut for me and he gave me metal ends which he said is much better than the plastic ones I have on. I made the repairs when I got home and viola no more problems. In fact the shifting was so much more crisp and smooth. My ride yesterday was 20 mi to the shop to thank him for taking time with me on his very busy day. I also looked at a 12 inch bike for my grandson which I will be purchasing from him.
My day ended with both my children and grandchildren over for dinner. Simple pleasures of life. Who could ask for more. What a great day.

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