Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ride to Jersey Bents

Today's ride took me to Jersey Bents @ Economy Bike shop in Hamilton Square, NJ. I wanted to try a few bents I am considering buying. I couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to do it. Temps started in the 70's climbing to mid to upper 80's. Light winds and little humidity. Nice change from the past weeks of blustering winds and temps in the 50's to 60's. The shop is just short of 25 miles out on mostly rural roads. I got out there looking to test ride a Rans long wheelbase Formula LE, Enduro Sport and Bacchetta Giro 20. I sat on the formula LE with the new Sling Mesh seat. The seat was OK but I realized I did not want a LWB bike and opted out on a test ride. Lawrence the owner of Jersey Bents did not have the new Rans Enduro Sport, but had a number of Bacchettas. I 1st tried the Giro 20 with the Recurve seat. I was quite impressed with both the ride and seat. I then tried the Giro with a Euromesh seat which seems to be all the rage. You have to recline the seat far back in order to not feel like you are sliding off the seat. The Euromesh seat was doable and gave me better flat foot experience at stops but didn't have the same sweet comfort of the Recurve. I took the Giro with the recurve seat out again. I did sit on a few Bacchetta High racers but did not like the extreme high bottom bracket. The Giro with the Recurve seat seemed the best choice for me.
To keep things clear I am not disenchanted with my ICE T. I would just like to have a bike I could transport easily and use for faster club rides. I have sellers remorse since I let go of my Stratus and Rocket.
It was a great ride and a great day and Lawrence is quite knowledgeable on recumbents and allows plenty of time for test rides and questions.
Attached is a video which unfortunately needs some image stabilization.

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