Tuesday, August 10, 2010


For a change of pace and sh_ts and giggles, I thought it might be fun to take out my Fuji bike. I have been racking up the miles in spite of the high temps. I am also feeling a bit bored with the same old rides. Today being in the 90's I new I better not due more than 25 miles. It seemed like just the right amount for a spin on this DF. I aired up the tires and off I went. The first 5 miles I was getting reacquainted. The next 10 miles I felt fast and strong with little pain. The last 10 miles reminded me why I switched to recumbents. My butt was sore, my wrists hurt and the small of my back had a major ache. I was however 1.5 mph faster. The bike weighed 35 lbs as equipped. My trike weighs 50 lbs. I carry way too much stuff. Seeing the world comfortably at 10 mph works for me.

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